Ken O’Keefe is LIVE on 55 KRC as our Special Guest in Cincinnati in less than 30-minutes!!!


Our Special Guest Ken O’Keefe is LIVE on 55 KRC in Cincinnati Ohio in less than 1 Hour!!! Today we will cover a panorama of subjects from the Congressional Campaign to suppressed news you won’t hear on the main stream media. WKRC-AM (550 AM) is a 50,000 watt station that airs Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, Mike

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U.S. Securing Iraq for Israel & Collecting 9 Billion in Oil Revenues for Terrorists?


By Nicky Nelson – Originally Published on: Aug 18, 2014 BREAKING! CLUMSY WHISTLE BLOWER SPILLS THE BEANS LIVE ON C-SPAN! Is the U.S. Moving Israel into Iraq with the Help of ISIS? ISIS, more accurately known as the Israeli State of Islamic Separation, has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Israel stealing land and resources in

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Trump is Dooming His Own Campaign by Accepting Secret Computer Counts


Update 4-05-16:  Donald Trump’s failure to follow the advice of this website and object to the easily-rigged, secret computer counts – has as of now doomed the Trump presidential bid to computer-generated “defeat”. (See video below) Trump was 10 points ahead in Wisconsin ten days ago, but now has “lost” 50% to 30% according to the published computer “results.” Same

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{NA} Money Bomb Thermometer up – Check it out! – Help Me Alert Iowa & NH to Votescam!


January 13, 2016 NA (Network America) e-wire {NA}Money Bomb Thermometer up – Check it out! – Help Me Alert Iowa & NH to Votescam! ***** How to sign up for this Network America ewire – How to Donate to the Congressional Campaign to help us reach millions with suppressed information and action solutions over the largest AM Talk radio stations

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