The Holocaust

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The Hollywood Version of the Holocaust has been losing ground for decades. On this page you will find out why, and you will also find a balanced explanation of what actually happened during World War II as regards this most controversial subject — something you will have a very hard time finding almost anywhere else.

We will be adding more to the below introductory comments as time permits — until they are finished. If you see “to be continued” at the end of the Introductory Comments then you will know that more will be added as soon as possible. These Introductory comments are necessary to frame the issue, and under them we we offer several important videos and articles for your consideration.

Introductory Comments

Before starting with comments on the subject of “the Holocaust”, I want to say that the unjust death of even one person is an infinite outrage against justice, and against God, Who created all human beings in His image and likeness. — And you and I would especially feel that way if the person unjustly killed — were you or me.

There WAS a “Holocaust” against everyday European Jews as a key (and planned) part of World War II. But even the use of the word “Holocaust” is an admission of guilt on the part of those who engineered it.

The historical definition of the word “holocaust” was a burnt offering of an animal one owned, offered as a sacrifice to God. Since 1978, the Jewish-Lobby-owned Big Media popularized the word “Holocaust” in regard to World War II with the 4-part television mini-series carried on NBC called the “Holocaust”.

1978? Yes. The word “Holocaust” was not used, even once, at the Nuremberg Trials, held as a series of military tribunals right after World War II in late 1945 and 1946. (By the way, the concept of the Nuremberg Trials was condemned by Senator Robert A. Taft as unprecedented in the history of warfare; Taft was paid tribute for this stance in the book “Profiles in Courage”, released in 1955 by then-Senator John F. Kennedy.)

The “lesser brethern” (the everyday Jewish people) during World War II were the “burnt offering”, or sacrifice, to their Talmudic god in order to achieve their goals, i.e., the founding of “Israel”, which happened in 1948 — three years after World War II ended. And who are “They”? The usual suspects: the Rothschild-related International Banksters behind the FED (started 1913), Goldman-Sachs (founded 1869), and eventually the International Monetary Fund (IMF), founded in 1944.

What you won’t find in almost any other analysis is that the Nazis were another mask of the International Banksters — just like their other masks of Communism and Zionism. Hitler was funded to power to get the everyday Jews of Europe down to Palestine in anticipation of the takeover. Eventually this meant rounding the everyday Jewish people up — who were put in concentration camps. The ones that died of starvation and typhus near the end of the war formed the basis of the “Hollywood version of the Holocaust.” The ones who survived were descended upon after the war by top Zionist from Europe, America, and Russia — who cajoled, incentivised, and/or bribed them to go down to Palestine because “Europe had become a hostile place.” The two youtube videos at the top of the “Nazi-Zionist Connection” page on this website go into this aspect of World War II in depth. You can also find key documents about the Nazi-Zionist collaboration, such as “51 Documents: Zionist Cooperation with the Nazis” by socialist Jewish author, Lenni Brenner, is one such source. You can read about it here:

51 Documents Lenni Brenner

Another book by a Jewish author, “Perfidy” (1961) by Hollywood screen writer, Ben Hecht – should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand World War II and the Holocaust.

Ben Hecht Perfidy Free PDF

Everyday Jews were rounded up, ripped from their homes, thrown in concentration camps, sometimes tortured and killed by the sadists that are always drawn to concentration camps during war, eventually undernourished and worked to death, and, if they survived, pressured to go down to Palestine after the war.

The piles of dead bodies we see that were photographed as the Allies liberated the camps were of all the people who had died of malnutrition and typhus in the waning days of World War II, as the Allies bombed the railroad tracks to the concentration camps and the German infrastructure collapsed almost entirely.

But the evidence shows there were no homicidal Gas Chambers. The 1974 challenge of the French Professor Robert Faurrison to the top world Jewish-Zionist organizations as to how the Gas Chambers worked — has remained unanswered. When asked why there is no replica of a Gas Chamber in the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., Director Michael Berenbaum said that there was no original available for the Museum to replicate. (!!!!!!!!)

When I was in High School and College (1967-1974), I thought that gas chambers in Germany during World War II were as numerous as Walgreens or Walmarts in the United States today. I imagined those “evil Germans” rubbing their hands together, smelling the smoke billowing from the Gas Chamber chimneys, and saying to themselves, “We’ve gottem’ now!”

Then in the mid to late 1980s I read about the Ernst Zundel trial in Canada. The Canadian government had put Zundel on trial for “spreading  false news” by passing out a pamphlet entitled, “Did Six Million Really Die?”

During the trial, Zundel’s lawyer, Doug Christie, called one of the top Jewish Holocaust experts, Raul Hilberg, to the stand to testify. In response to a question about where the gas chambers were located, Hilberg stated that THERE WERE NO GAS CHAMBERS in Germany — that they were all located in Poland. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (This was convenient, since Poland was under Communism, another mask worn by the International Banksters, no one was allowed to investigate those concentration camps until 1989.)

When I heard that, I said to myself: “Wait a minute. Wait just a doggone minute.” And I began, for the first time, to investigate the truth about the World War II Holocaust. Before that moment, I had accepted the entire Holocaust brainwashing fastened on Americans by the Jewish-Lobby-controlled Big Media.

(To be continued . . . )

Jim Condit Jr.



Mark Weber debates “skeptic” Michael Shermer on the Holocaust

Mark Weber from the Institute for Historical Review debates Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine. — Problem is: Shermer is only skeptical of those who challenge the tired, old Establishment Mainstream Line, on this or any other subject. The video and sound are not top notch, but it’s worth wading through for an excellent demonstration by Weber that the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust cannot be accepted at face value, and must be put under the microscope of true historical inquiry.

Help spread this info. You can download the above video by clicking HERE – then right click on the video to save/download or email.

David Cole in Auschwitz – Full Documentary

David Cole, a brave Jewish Holocaust investigator visited Auschwitz in 1992 and paid for a personal tour. He wore his yarmulke so everybody knew he was a Jew and the information he obtained was surprising to say the least. Get your pen and notepad out to take notes on this amazing documentary.

“A young Jewish holocaust revisionist, posing as a believer, puts some hard questions to the senior curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. After making this video, a “hit” was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding. He resurfaced in 2014, after his girlfriend blew the whistle on his second identity David Stein.” Source: AltCensored


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One Third of the Holocaust by Dean Irebodd

This documentary is not a holocaust denial as some have tried to label it. It lays out a very important problem with the idea that 1 million people were killed at this camp. Treblinka was a transit station.

Long, at points a bit dry — but devastating to the “Hollywood version of the Holocaust”.


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Edwin Black on his book, The Transfer Agreement

Edwin Black spins the beans on the Transfer Agreements between the Nazis and the Zionists in this telling interview.


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10 newspapers from 1915-1938

Printing 6,000,000 BEFORE the Holocaust…

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Click below to view: 177 results containing “6000000 jews”


The Holocaust Testimonies You DIDN’T Hear

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Red Cross Official Numbers


auschwitz numbers
You can visit Jim Stone’s site here:

by Don Heddesheimer
The First Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer Cover



Nazi-Zionist Connection

DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered

Websites which advocate Open Debate on what really happened in “The Holocaust”: — the website of Bradley Smith — the Institute for Historical Review — Germar Rudolph’s website — The website of the Barnes Review — The website of David Irving — The website of Ernst Zundel and Ingrid Rimland

(Remember, it is recommended by those behind this website that all information on “the Holocaust” of World War II be interpreted in light of the information presented on the DVD and CD offered at , both of which are offered freely in the “Nazi-Zionist Connection” section of this website— this DVD and CD are anti-Hitler, anti-Stalin, anti-Churchill, and anti-Roosevelt — four front men for the Rothschild Banksters during WW II; this DVD and CD also reveal information about the Ruling Elite behind Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the founders of Israel in 1948 — which powerful forces want suppressed to this day.)



Miscellaneous Items:

Some of the items below will eventually be put on other pages on this website, but for now they may be of interest to people interested in “hidden history.”

Anything by Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1953), here’s a two of his short essays: — we believe all other books on real history should be evaluated in light of the books of Fr. Denis Fahey; his books can be found at the link offered below to the Omni/Christian Book Club.  – the website of Daryl Bradford Smith – much excellent material; many excellent interviews on audio.  — a lot of interesting short videos on hidden history
– my website on the real interpretation behind current events and problems; articles down the right hand side largely about the crisis in the structures of the Catholic Church


The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler by Jim Condit Jr: — an anti-Hitler website, but also anti-Stalin, anti-Roosevelt, and anti-Churchill — four super-criminals funded by the International banksters; 70,000,000 lay dead on the battlefield of Europe when the smoke cleared. Most egregious to the politically incorrect, this DVD and the accompanying CD (radio interview with Christopher Jon Bjerknes) — exposes the cooperation between Hitler, the Nazis, and the top Zionists who founded and became the first leaders of the state of Israel in 1948. (The information on this DVD and CD is so “hot” — that we were banned from selling it on Paypal in 2008. Paypal has refused to this day to specify in writing why the sale of this information was banned on Paypal. We had been selling both the DVD and CD on PayPal since 2004.)


Any book by Douglas Reed – here’s one online:


Other Reed books are listed here:


Any book offered by

Another interesting source of hundreds of books dealing with hidden history is the Omni-Christian Book Club, found here: — the website of the Omni-Christian Book Club;  — the website of the American Free Press


The Jews who own the media by name – Brother Nathanael

Brother Nathanael’s list of who owns major media outlets:

1. CBS — Murray Rothstein aka Sumner Redstone

2. NBC — owned by Brian Roberts and run by President Jeff Zucker

3. ABC — owned by Sidney Bass and run by CEO Robert Iger (successor to Michael Eisner)

4. Time Warner (including CNN, Time and People magazines) majority owned by Israeli Multi-Millionaire, Aviv Nevo

5. CNN — CEO is Jeff Zucker

6. Fox News — Rupert Murdoch

7. Wall Street Journal — Rupert Murdoch

8. New York Post — Rupert Murdoch

9. Newsweek – Jane Harman and Barry Diller

10. Washington Post — Meyer Graham family with Chairman Donald Graham, CEO Dave Goldberg and Senior Executive Barry Diller

11. New York Times — Sulzberger family with Chairman of the Board Arthur Sulzberger Jr.





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