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Our Third Radio Ad and Show for 2020

Our third Radio Ad – Aired on 55KRC Sept 17, 2020! CLICK HERE to Download Partial script: Take Those Masks off, you all look like idiots! About a week ago 4 million marched in Germany and Great Britain against the discredited face masks, any further lockdown, and forced vaccines … Bobby Kennedy Jr. spoke,but all this was BLOCKED from America

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Were Subversive Jews behind BLM/Antifa attack on white teen at Kenosha riots?

Were Subversive Jews behind BLM/Antifa attack on white teen at Kenosha riots? by Nicky Nelson and Jim Condit Jr. 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday morning, August 26, 2020, in Antioch, Illinois, after defending himself at a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin late Tuesday night. Kyle Rittenhouse appears to be an outstanding young man, and hero for the United

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Kavanaugh Hearings and Money Solution for This Age of Plenty – Condit for Congress 9-30-18

My September 30, 2018 Radio show filmed live at 55krc studios (550 AM) for Condit for Congress 2018 dealt with the absurd tactics in the Kavanaugh hearings and more importantly how money must be scientifically issued in This Age of Plenty. Since I was not happy with the way the money part of the show went, due to running out

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My Encounter with Trump | Computer Election Fraud Radio Show 4 29 18

In this radio show I recount my face to face encounter with Trump In Iowa in Feb 2016 about the dangers of computer election fraud, as well as cover the four factors why I believe the Shadow Gov let his victory stand – and an overview of the Election Night Gatekeepers computer votefraud crime syndicate. Please CLICK HERE for the

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How Deep State Operates Condit for Congress Radio Show Sept 23 2018

In this radio show I cover some specific examples of how the Deep State operates, including escalating internet censorship by Facebook, Google, Twitter. Also discussed is how the International Bankers set up Red (Communist) China as the greatest capitalistic limited corporation in history, where the Vulture Capitalists in New York and London exploit and profit on the poor slaves and

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American visits the 9/11 Memorial Sites with Questions

Thank you to Andy Christensen for asking these questions and for permission to post these videos. 9/11 FL93 Memorial: How a Plane Goes Underground Source: awc222 YouTube Channel: Published on Oct 30, 2017 A visit to the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, I wanted to get it from the horse’s mouth, the official official story as told to thousands of

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