Hidden History

Note: 10/24/2018 As the purge of real news and hidden history continues on social media and elsewhere, we will be replacing the YouTube videos by uploading our own copies as time permits. If you see that more videos are being pulled, please contact us and let us know. Thank you. – Nicky Nelson

Hidden History


On this page you will find much information that you will have trouble finding almost anywhere else. The page leads with what we believe are the five greatest cover-ups of the last 100 years. As time goes on, you will find many other subjects added.

The five greatest cover-ups of the last 100 years in reverse order, as we see it, are:

5. The JFK Assassination – What was President Kennedy killed for on November 22, 1963, and WHO DID IT? It’s the “Who Did it?” Information that is most hard to find. You will find it here.

4. 9-11 Terror Attacks of September 11, 2001 – What facts prove that the official cover story is a lie, and WHO perpetrated the terror attacks of 9-11-01? You will find the answers here.

3. Computerized Votescam – Easily Rigged elections counted on secret computer programs. – While 90% percent+ of the American people sense that something is wrong with computerized elections, almost no one understands the extent of the problem, and WHO has rigged the US election system since 1973 so that the American people have ZERO say as to who gets elected to any major office from Congressman to President, IF the election-computer wirepullers lurking in the shadows want to fix that election. The few who MIGHT UNDERSTAND how the system has been hi-jacked and rigged since 1973 — won’t name the perpetrators. We understand, and we tell you directly. We name the forces behind this sinister, but largely in-the-open, conspiracy against the American people and mankind.

2. The Nazi-Zionist Connection: The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler – This one is so hot that PayPal blocked our account after we had already sold the DVD and CD explaining this cover-up partially via PayPal for several years. The YouTube account of the man who posted our 3 hour radio interview on this subject found his account suddenly blocked in 11 countries, including France, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Israel. (!!!) You can bet the top Zionist wirepullers don’t want young Jewish people to find out about this information. Adolf Hitler was funded to power by top Jewish International Banksters, and his task was to round up everyday Jewish people, in order to get as many of them as possible down to Palestine in preparation for the coming takeover, which happened in 1948 – only three years after World War II ended and Hitler was ushered off the world stage. The founders of Israel cooperated hand-in-glove with Hitler, Eichmann, and the top Nazis during the 30s and 40s. This information is unpalatable to Neo-Nazis and Hitler-worshippers, and even more unacceptable, if that be possible, to the top Zionist wirepullers in the world today. One top researcher, after seeing the information contained herein, stated, “Now I finally understand the 20th century.” This body of information is understood by almost nobody, and qualifies as the 2nd greatest, and 2nd most successful cover up of the last 100 years.

1. The Eclipse of the Catholic Church: How the 1958 conclave was hi-jacked, resulting in the forces of organized Judeo-Masonry usurping control of the Vatican. While a few researchers, both malicious and sincere, have warped and distorted this evidence to one degree or another, you will find the balanced presentation of this research here. You will learn how the top wirepullers of spiritual darkness hi-jacked the Vatican and thus removed from public view the greatest moral force in the world — which force could have greatly hampered their agenda in placing the world on the disastrous path it has been on for the last 50+ years. No question about it, this is the #1 and most successful cover-up during the last 100 years.

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  • kawtharagbojo

    wow good work continue the work to
    deliver humanity from the hands of their enemy

  • Your list of titles alone is the mark of a true Christian-American & fearless historian. I am age-95 and now without financial assets. But I can & will pray for your successful mission & political career. I hope you have a good “security detail”, since the Soros gang is obviously ruthless. Soros, a border-less “citizen-of-the-world”, after bleeding Britain and Hungary, has moved into USA—Katonah (Bedford), Westhester County, just “up the Hudson River from New York City. One of his millionaire neighbors is Hillary Rodham Clinton, where she stores what’s left of her Top Secret e-mails. God bless your mission—& hope you get elected to Congress. We need to oust RINO Paul Ryan and his Ripon Society crowd. P/S, I am a proud Marine Corps Veteran of all 4-years of World War II (including Iwo Jima), plus all 3-years of Korean War. Looking back, it all seems so futile—with so many politicians betraying what was fought for by bloody volunteer “nobodies”? “Thank you for your service” they say so easily and insincerely, while now calling it a “Homeland”.

    • Jim Condit Jr.™

      Thank you for your kind and insightful comments. At 95 you are a true inspiration to all Americans. I hope some young people see this and are motivated. – Jim Condit Jr.

  • You missed one! The same “cabal” that’s lied about all the things mentioned here ALSO lied about the moon landings!

    Honestly, NASA LIED about landing men on the moon. We cannot go more than 400 miles into space because of the Van Allen radiation belts. This is NOT “my opinion” this is a scientific fact that several astronauts in at least 2 NASA videos admit is true – see below.

    There are at least 10 direct pieces of irrefutable evidence that 100% proves we did NOT land on the moon. Sorry. But that is a fact. ALL NASA missions were low earth orbit missions and the astronauts along with those on the ground on a “need to know” basis only helped orchestrate the shooting of the fake moon landings which were mostly shot at Langley air force base. All the proof in the world has been provided by scientists and former military and NASA engineers and researchers. Sorry but it just did not happen.

    – Original images and written information of the NASA moon landing facility at Langley Air Force base.


    — A Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon (Bart Sibrel – writer, director, producer): this documentary contains original NASA footage of Apollo 11 astronauts FAKING their distance from the moon “LIVE” on camera and SHOWS THEM DOING IT! Also, see Bart Sibrel’s blog:



    – Former NASA and other scientists expose the hoax of Apollo moon landings.


    – Apollo moon landings hoax: more proof we were never even close.

    http://americanmoon.org/truth/index.htm – Apollo moon landing truth


    – Apollo Moonwalking in Arizona

    http://www.americanmoon.orgtruth/FlagstaffAZ.htm – Flagstaff Arizona, Sea of tranquility


    – William Cooper on the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

    Nasa admits here OPENLY that they CANNOT GO TO THE MOON!! If we CANNOT GO NOW – How did we go THEN? Unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE.



  • Dattatreya

    This is really where the rubber meets / meats the bloody road !!!

  • To all you nutters out there who believe the Apollo Fairy Story. Why don’t you do some research instead of keep asking the same old question over, and over again.

    The answer to WHY Russia did not expose the Moon landing fraud can be found at the bottom of a webpage under APOLLO Q & A. The website in question is:-


    Read it, absorb it, but most of all make sure it penetrates your THICK skulls, then maybe you would kindly shut the fuck up in future.

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