Proof that Israel bombed Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza – Oct 17th 2023 ?

Proof that Israel bombed Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza – Oct 17th 2023 ?


Palestinian Ambassador to UN says Israel blaming Al-Ahli Hospital bombing on Palestine is a lie.


Here’s the video from YouTube. If it’s removed, you can view it from our servers below. This post is being made by Nicky Nelson of in hopes of preserving and circulating this information as it appears to be hard to find at this time.

And here’s a screenshot, from the video, of the Tweet that Hananya Naftali, purported Aid to Netanyahu (or speaker, according to Riyad Mansour, Palestinian Ambassador to UN) Tweeted out and then removed.

It sure looks like Israel hit that hospital! Instead, Israel is blaming the bombing on a purported militant group in Palestine called the Islamic Jihad.




Riyad Mansour Palestinian Ambassador to UN 2023

Source of the Palestinian Ambassador’s video regarding Hospital Bombing:

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