Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Radio Ads and Radio Shows CENSORED by iHeart Radio

Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Radio Ads and Radio Shows were Successfully CENSORED by iHeart Radio Stations, WLW (700 AM) and WKRC (550 AM), in Cincinnati – The FCC Was Slow to Act and Did Not Demand iHeart Air the Ads and Shows in Time for Election Day.

This public objection was posted and sent to the FCC and iHeart on November 2, 2020, although we have been objecting and asking for the FCC to take action since iHeart censored our ads and shows on September 24, 2020. We also filed two informal objections to prevent WLW (700 AM) and WKRC (550 AM) from having their FCC licenses renewed, and one Formal Complaint against the censorship of Jim Condit Jr. for Congress radio ads and radio shows.
You can read the full Formal Complaint with all Exhibits, filed with the FCC on October 18, 2020 by clicking HERE. You can also download it HERE.

Summary: Jim Condit Jr. for Congress and Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Committee objects to the Censorship of the last six weeks (out of nine weeks) of Jim Condit Jr.’s pre-paid Radio Ads and Radio Shows. After three weeks of airing the ads and shows, — under a contract both iHeart and Jim Condit Jr. signed on September 3, 2020, — WLW and WKRC censored these ads and shows during the last six weeks of the 2020 Presidential Campaign, the time when the people of the USA are paying the most attention to public life. The damage to free speech and a candidate’s right to get his message out to the public — is incalculable.

The Reasonable Access Law, standing for almost 50 years, says that Radio stations MUST air the ads of federal candidates without modifying or censoring the message. This censoring of ads and shows is exactly what iHeart, WLW and WKRC have done to Jim Condit Jr. for Congress — because they didn’t like the messages informing the public that an Organized Worldwide Jewish Shadow Government controls every major TV and Radio station in the United States, and that this anti-American Jewish network is using its ill-gotten monopoly to try and bring the American people under the tyranny of approximately 300 Communist-promoting Billionaire Jewish Bankers, like George Soros.

These banksters were behind bringing murderous Communism to Russia in 1917, and China in 1946, and they want to prevent, at all costs, a federal candidate like Jim Condit Jr., from alerting the American people that they are about to suffer the same fate, under the guise of the “Covid 19 Pandemic” hoax; see the documentaries Plandemic 1 and 2 in the sidebar. The American people believe the “Covid 19 Pandemic” hoax –only because of the uniform hype of all American TV and radio stations run by these Communist promoting media Jews. The American people still think the radio and TV stations are their friends, rather than the greatest enemy the American people and the world have ever faced. (See five minute video by Brother Nathaneal Kapner on “The Jews who own the Media” on the sidebar.)

On his radio ads and radio shows (all available at JimForAmerica.com), Jim Condit Jr. was calling the Covid-19 death count an exaggeration hoax by 90%+, and the infection rate a complete hoax based on a totally unreliable, weaponized tests instituted only to justify constantly and falsely announcing ever growing infection counts to the public.

iHeart, WLW, and WKRC did not like these messages, so after three weeks of playing the Jim Condit Jr. radio ads and radio shows, they censored them, breaking the September 3, 20202 contract to the tune of $7000 of the $11,000 paid in advance. Jim Condit Jr. for Congress was running only THREE radio ads per week, all round the Bill Cunningham radio show on Thursdays.

THESE THREE ONE-MINUTE RADIO ADS were too well written, and too full of truth for the media Jews controlling iHeart radio. iHeart obviously felt that these 3 one-minute ads were undoing the other 167 hours and 57 minutes of WLW airtime each week, blowing the cover of their deceptions of commission and omission during each week.

Here’s the Chain of Events:

1. On August 16, 2020 Jim Condit Jr. declared as a federal write-in candidate for the House of Representatives in the 2nd District of Ohio. This candidacy was approved immediately by Hamilton County, Ohio (Cincinnati) and the Secretary of State of Ohio, the only jurisdictions which can determine who is a legal federal candidate in Ohio, and who is not, for any given race.

2. On September 2, 2020, Jim Condit Jr. delivered campaign materials (Yard sign, brochures, bumper stickers, postcards, etc. as requested by iHeart (WLW and WKRC). This was the standard WLW and WKRC used for two different federal write-in candidates in 2012 and 2016, in order to declare those write-in candidates eligible to buy ads on FCC-licensed stations like WLW and WKRC.

3. iHeart requested these materials for federal write-in candidates under an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulation which blatantly contradicts the original Reasonable Access Law, i.e., the Communications Act of 1934 as modified by the US Congress to include the Reasonable Access Law circa 1971. That regulation says that the Radio Station and the FCC can determine if a recognized, legal write-in candidate by local county and state standards — is a “bona fide” candidate or not. This absurd regulation moves the standard for a “bona fide” candidate from a perfectly clear standard (a legal candidate according to the relevant county and state laws) to a vague and non-defined standard (“substantial showing”) which leaves it up to the judgement of the often “Thank God it’s Friday” station managers and/or the (by now) anti-American owners of virtually all major US radio stations, i.e., iHeart (owns 856 radio stations in the USA, in violation of the spirit of the anti-monopoly Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, repealed by Traitor Bill Clinton circa 1999). This FCC regulation has ALWAYS been in violation of the letter and the spirit of the original Reasonable Access Law, which made no distinction between on-the-ballot candidates and write-in candidates. The FCC is not allowed to make regulations which contradict the original law, as the FCC has done in this case.

4. On September 3, 2020, iHeart produced a contract, assigned contract numbers for WLW and WKRC, and signed the contract for nine weeks of radio ads and radio shows from September 4, 2020 to November 1, 2020 with Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.

5. All ads and shows were paid for in advance before they aired.

6. Between September 3, 2020 and September 9, 2020, iHeart accepted and cashed all the checks.

7. iHeart ran the ads and radio shows from September 4, 2020 to September 20, 2020, the first three weeks that were under the contract and paid for in advance.

8. Then iHeart suddenly “realized” that Jim Condit Jr. was not a “bona fide candidate and began censoring the radio ads on September 24, 2020.

9. Even though Jim Condit Jr. for Congress immediately notified the FCC what was happening, and even though the facts were PERFECTLY clear that this was a grotesque violation of the Reasonable Access Law, the FCC did nothing, and that inaction lasts to this day, the night before the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election day.

10. The FCC website seems to have been transformed into a wasteland of vagueness, or hard-to-find information which is vital to candidates being abused by radio stations like WLW and WKRC. When the FCC stands back and does nothing, as they did in this case, radio stations have all the power. In the case of Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2020, the FCC failed or refused to enforce the Reasonable Access Law, allowing iHeart, WLW, and WKRC to stop federal candidate Jim Condit Jr. from reaching the public in the weeks the public was most paying attention, probably since the age of TV and Radio began. A censorship of incalculable damage to the American people’s right to know.

11. We await the FCC ruling, but do not know what the timetable is for them to rule. The fact that they’ve waited until now, and apparently will not rule until after election day, is treating the Reasonable Access Law as if it does not exist.

12. Stay tuned. More to come. — See the tabs above for our comprehensive Formal Complaint to the FCC about iHeart’s censorship, and our two informal objections to the renewal of the licenses of WLW and WKRC. See also the paragraphs below. –Reading the Opening Letter and the first few pages of the Formal Complaint to the FCC about the iHeart censoring of the Jim Condit Jr. radio ads and radio shows — will give you a good encapsulation of what has transpired.

Jim Condit Jr. is a legally qualified federal candidate for the 2020 election to the United States House of Representatives from Ohio’s Second Congressional District. Pursuant to the Reasonable Access Law Section 312(a)(7) of the Communications Act and Section 73.1944, FCC licensed Radio and TV stations are required to provide reasonable access to candidates for federal elective office, if they pay for and order ads and airtime. As a Federal Candidate, Jim Condit Jr. qualifies to buy airtime pursuant to Section 73.1940.

You can read Jim Condit Jr.’s full Formal Complaint below with all Exhibits, filed with the FCC on October 18, 2020 and you can download the Formal Complaint by clicking HERE.

GO to www.OpenLetterToTheFCC.com for more updated information!

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