Was Tim Russert of Meet the Press Murdered?

Was Tim Russert of Meet the Press Murdered?

Tim Russert was the host of Meet the Press on Sunday mornings on NBC from 1991 to 2008. Meet the Press is the longest, continuously running television show in history, having started on November 6, 1947.

Until Russert’s surprising and untimely death on June 13, 2008 at age 58, Meet the Press was easily the highest rated Sunday morning talk show. Today Meet the Press is struggling at a dismal third place in the Sunday morning ratings.

While no one in the Jewish-Shadow-Government-controlled major media can be called a really tough questioner over the span of the television era, Russert was as tough as they got. On YouTube you can see him ask both major 2004 Presidential candidates G.W. Bush and John Kerry about their membership in the Yale-based Skull & Bones secret society.

In case the YouTube video above is removed, you can view it below.

Tim Russert’s toughest question?

Here’s what renowned columnist, Patrick J. Buchanan, wrote on March 24, 2003 in “Whose War?” in the American Conservative magazine right after the US invaded Iraq, about Tim Russert’s question on “Meet the Press” to the war-mongering Jewish neo-conservative Richard Perle:

“The War Party may have gotten its war. But it has also gotten something it did not bargain for. Its membership lists and associations have been exposed and its motives challenged. In a rare moment in U.S. journalism, Tim Russert put this question directly to Richard Perle: “Can you assure American viewers … that we’re in this situation against Saddam Hussein and his removal for American security interests? And what would be the link in terms of Israel?”

Tim Russert Bush Kerry Skull and Bones

“Suddenly, the Israeli connection is on the table, and the War Party is not amused. Finding themselves in an unanticipated firefight, our neoconservative friends are doing what comes naturally, seeking student deferments from political combat by claiming the status of a persecuted minority group. People who claim to be writing the foreign policy of the world superpower, one would think, would be a little more manly in the schoolyard of politics. Not so.” (End quote from Buchanan article)

In June 2008 it was announced that Tim Russert had died of a heart attack (in the NBC studios if memory serves correctly).

In this post, I want to ask this question: Was the Catholic/Christian Tim Russert given a heart attack assassination-style to remove him from Meet the Press just three month before the International Jewish Banksters pulled off the $17 trillion heist known as the “bailout”?

And, this was only a year to a few years before Nobel-Peace-Prize Obama would be bombing seven Mideast countries simultaneously WITHOUT proper Congressional approval – and without any meaningful scrutiny from the new “stars” of Meet the Press.

Let the record show that Russert was replaced by the lackluster Khazar Jewish operative, David Gregory — a man who could be counted on to “carry the ball” at all times for the organized Jewish Shadow Gov, AND its tentacles such as the FED and Goldman-Sachs.

As David Gregory took the helm at Meet the Press, its ratings began to plummet until NBC fired Gregory in 2014 — replacing him with the even more-lackluster Khazar Jewish operative, Chuck Todd. Todd’s ratings have been even worse than Gregory’s, which has to bring a smile to the faces of those normal, alert Americans who are watching these things.

Note to Chuck Todd and NBC Executives: you need at least SOME degree of unpredictability to achieve high ratings with any kind of talk show. You CAN NOT get high ratings and real viewer interest by conducting Communist-style propaganda hours disguised as a “news show.”

The reason for the timing of this column about the death of Tim Russert — is the absolutely disgraceful Meet the Press edition which Todd conducted this morning, December 7, 2014. No tough questions — and, for those who could read between the lines — an all out effort to lay the groundwork for militarizing the local police AND making the local police and sheriff’s offices mere tentacles of  the Jewish-Shadow-Gov’s Homeland Security.

In other words, Michael Chertoff and other Trotskyite Jewish Communists can’t stand that the local police departments and local Sheriff’s offices are basically still independent. For instance, 300 out of the nation’s 3000 sheriffs told Obama in recent years that they would not let the federal government come into their counties to confiscate citizens’ guns. This is absolutely unacceptable to the would-be tyrants who still seek to establish a world Communist dictatorship for us, with them running the Dictatorship, and exploiting and oppressing the “goyim”, or human cattle (as the Talmud calls non-Jews). They need local police departments who are simply tentacles of the envisioned national KGB-Gestapo Homeland Security Department — and will obey orders to kill and suppress any citizens who might resist their envisioned, coming tyranny. Subtly laying the groundwork for such an anti-Constitution KGB-style Police State — was a major gist of today’s edition of “Meet the Press.”

(By the way, the John Birch Society warned against this type of power grab back in 1968 with their slogan, “Support your local police — and keep them independent.” “Anarchy USA” from 1964 is now up on Youtube, and Alan Stang’s book, “It’s Very Simple”, written circa 1968 after the riots of that era, explained way back then the dynamics of how the Big Media is trying to use Ferguson and other similar incidents to stoke racial tensions today, as part of an overall goal of creating chaos to be followed by establishing one national police force under the control of Trotskyite Communist Khazar, Talmudic Jews like Michael Chertoff.)

In the same vein, it seems to me one may suspect that someone like Tim Russert, who was not consciously with the gameplan to bring the United States of America down, and who occasionally asked very tough questions in the interest of the American people – had to be taken out of the anchor’s seat of such a prominent national TV program, and replaced with reliable operatives like Gregory and Todd.

The late author and speaker, Edgar J. Steele (who was murdered in an Idaho prison through at least the withholding of needed medicine, after being framed by the Shadow Gov), wrote and said many times that for the last 100 years, the Jewish Shadow government has been taking the hands of white European-descended men off the levers of power and grabbing the levers of power with their own hands. Steele would say that white European-descended men now needed to take back the levers of power in the USA, which means prying the Jewish hands off those levers of power. Such blunt statements as this are undoubtedly why he was framed, jailed, and killed in prison — especially in light of his talking about running for Governor of Idaho (Steele was a lawyer and a formidable speaker; he was a guest on one of my congressional campaign sponsored 1 hour radio shows circa 2008 on WKRC, the 50,000 watt talk show station in Cincinnati, Ohio).

Edgar Steele

Edgar J. Steele

Steele, like Jim Traficant, or Ron Paul for almost all of his 30-year congressional career, represented the exact type of leader whom the Jewish-Shadow-Gov-controlled Big Media tried to block from the view of the American people, so we could “enjoy” leadership from such disgusting puppets as John McCain and Mitch McConnell.

This is what I see as relevant in the death of Tim Russert. Whatever the cause, the hands of another basically pro-American European-descended man were removed from a key lever of power in the USA, and his hands were replaced on Meet the Press by reliable operatives of the organized, worldwide Jewish Shadow Government, namely Khazar Jew David Gregory, and Khazar Jew Chuck Todd. The funny thing is to watch these Trotskyite Communist operatives destroy the high ratings Tim Russert had achieved for decades as they try to make Communist propaganda look like “real news” and “real analysis.”

Propaganda News

It is well known that there are quite a few ways to give people a heart attack with poisons that disappear in the blood stream about fifteen minutes after such poisons are administered. These poisons are even talked about on some of the burgeoning editions of reality crime-solving TV shows, such as on the cable station Investigation-Discovery (ID), or Forensic Files on the cable station that is still called CNN Headline News.

In September 2013 I met with a former White House staffer (who served a former President several decades ago for a number years) at a Washington D.C. hotel about several important research projects touching on game-changing events of the past 100 years. Near the end of the four hour session, I ran by this person my strong suspicion that Tim Russert was taken out, and did not die a natural death. Without hesitation, this person agreed, and had felt that this was the case ever since Russert’s death was announced in 2008. Needless to say, these suspicions do not prove what really happened in the case of the death of Tim Russert.

But I close by again asking the question: Did Meet the Press host Tim Russert die a natural death from a heart attack at age 58 — or was he taken out by high-tech assassination methods to clear the way for Khazar Jews David Gregory, and now Chuck Todd, to fill his seat?






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  • Saw Watson

    I believe so. I’ll add that during the 2008 Democratic Primary he drilled Hillary Clinton about her lying about the Bosnia Sniper Fire also drilled Bill about it and I think brought it up in a debate.

  • sean barr

    There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this HERO was taken out by the cowardly DEMONS in the JEW-RUN elite cabal!
    It is a sad commentary on US , on our integrity as men who have allowed something so fucking obvious to move past fomentation ,past incubation , into full-blown pathogen , lodged into the HEART of our reality!!

    If we do not come together as whites , as Christians, and come together VERY VERY SOON< we are indeed finished as a culture and as a people. The DEMON ALIEN RAce known as JEWS, will have beaten us down into worse then slaves, and those of us who are as smart as they are, or smarter for that matter, will have to sit by helplessly , watching the misery build into some kind of horrific cathartic release of widespread violence and hatred, ( not that I do not fully endorse HATING these creatures, cause I think if you do not HATE the JEW/ZIONISTS then you should erase HATE from your vocabulary) that eventually will leave even the cabal empty of purpose or reason to exist. This is why I have always felt that there are spiritual forces at work here, directing psychopaths like Amshel Rothschild and his clan of killers and Satanists…I think they are either a malevolent alien race, which is probably the truth, OR they might be simply DEMONIC SPIRITS which were conjured up by these maniacal freaks, who prompty possessed them and have been operating through them and their kind ever since.

    Human beings CAN use their conscious minds to literally create EVIL SPIRITUAL CREATURES, capable of becoming tangible at least momentarily …What is created out of the sick minds of these questionable human beings has the ability to 'possess' the conscious and sub-conscious parts of these losers minds and souls, and leave them permanently broken and devoid of any real autonomy over their thoughts or actions !!! This is where evil originates , in the hearts pf men , and all I do not know is who is responsible for giving them the ideas in the first place!

    • Cynthia Perras

      Dear Sean, Friend, if you are still around, know that you are right (as per Revelation 2:9 and 3:9), and The Lord is soon going to shake this demonically infested world. Spirits are manifesting in 2020. Wickedness abounds. The antichrist spirit is rampant. Tares being gathered. Harvest is soon. Hold onto Jesus’ Name. Righteous indignation and outrage is fine, but let go of all hatred because “vengeance is mine, saith the LORD.” Forgive. They will get their eternal infernal punishment. Don’t take the mark or number of name of the beast nor worship his image. Obama is lurking and soon will retake center stage. Pope, too.

    • Eric

      Who do you think is behind Donald Trump’s treacherous behaviors surrounding this pandemic. Trump could very well be the biggest liar ever but we need to believe him when he refers to the press as the enemy of the people

  • jrgjrg

    The allegations in this article are based on pure speculation and innuendo, not journalism or fact. I would ask the same questions from an investigative viewpoint, but I would never publish my unfounded suspicions as if they were fact-checked, which these assertions are not. These are merely questions, not answers.

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  • John Birch Society has been FO since Day 1 (1958). Their silence about antichrist Israel is deafening.

    And telling people to “support your local police”. Really? You can’t tell me the JBS never heard of the Second Amendment and the FACT that We the People are supposed to “execute the laws of the Union”? The People are to be self-governing and self-policing.

    The JBS has been 60 years of planned futility keeping Americans corralled by telling them to “write your congressman”.

    Write a corrupt Congress? Cm’on, Jim. Get with WTPP in pushing the LCS Militia program.


    NO DOUBT Tim Russert was murdered as soon as he asked the question he was on the LIST. And to the guy who said this is all just non sense there is no journalism here just pure speculation isn’t that what starts to get to the truth? Someone has to come out and get it started to get someone to think and look into the truth. Tim Russert was huge in the political arena. He used his chalk board and was revered by all. Andrea Mitchell allowed only Tim Russert to call her MITCH & I just have to wonder what she thinks about his death, as well as all those who are serious journalist fighting the good fight against the evil cabal that is trying to take over the world. They all probably know not to question it. If they did they would soon find themselves in the same situation. It was funny also how TIM was on holiday over seas with his only son and wife and he was CALLED BACK EARLY and his son and wife stayed and TIM came home alone and was found in the RECORDING BOOTH ALONE with no producer NO ONE running the machines ??? SERIOUSLY I have a recording studio and I know enough that He cannot RUN a RECORDING ALL BY HIMSELF. This was what happen to JOAN RIVERS also. After she called OBAMA GAY and MICHELLE A TRANNY. Suddenly a doctor did 2 procedures that she did not know that doctor and she did not give permission to work on her, it was not scheduled she was in for one thing and this doctor came in did 1st procedure once and said that he needed or she needed to do it a 2nd time and they told this doctor she won’t make it if you keep trying her oxygen levels were way to low and she died. Her daughter only settled because she feared the Elite. and just lost her mother. These people like the CLINTONS do kill folks. OBAMA killed the last known HAWAII official that knew the truth about his REAL & FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Small plane crash all survived but HER? She was alive with a FLOATATION device and the GUY that rides the planes with A gun, was seen near her the entire time suddenly she DIES of a HEART ATTACK while FLOATING alive one min dead the next. People don’t want to believe that our GOV does stuff like this. but it happens all the time. Its sad but I know for sure with out a doubt once TIM asked that question I knew something would happen to him. Sure enough it did.

  • steven welborn

    Tim Russert
    Edgar J. Steele
    Jim Traficant
    Bill Cooper
    USS Liberty

  • Steven A. Collins

    I too always believed Russert was murdered. Now today, March 27, 2020, President Trump just signed a HUGE bailout bill with so much pork in it for everything BUT the so called Corona Virus, fake pandemic. To begin with, the huge companies that were virtually bankrupt and or failing, Boeing, one of them, should have been allowed to fail, but once again as in 2008, the taxpayer is footing the bill without their permission or even knowledge. The covid19 virus is being used as an excuse now for these failing companies and the Congress as usual has had billions of dollars of pork for pet projects and to line politicians and other cronies pockets. The Congress and the President is “giving” US, THE POOR WORKERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS, WHO HAVE BEEN ORDERED SHUT IN OUR HOMES, a lousy $1200.00 for two months of business and wage loss, while the politicians KEEP GETTING PAID of course. Our ENTIRE GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM IS CORRUPT AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has gone now the way of literal Communism and Socialistic government. We the people mean nothing. We will soon have National Guard forcing us to get vaccinated for a flu virus that only has sickened and killed a few hundred or thousand. The country is literally in lockdown ordered by liberal governors, and the stupid people are seeming to stand for this at least for the time being. I suspect that in the weeks to come, when roadblocks appear, and gun confiscation begins, which it will have to, in order to achieve their objectives, people will start to awaken from their slumber and propaganda driven Main stream LIES from the media and government. Revolts and chaos will occur, and we shall see how far down into the ground our leaders are willing to drive and tear our republic apart. FEMA CAMPS will be the destination for those of us who will NOT BE VACCINATED AGAINST OUR WILL, or we could be simply dragged off to be executed and never heard or seen again. These things WILL take place if our government is not brought under control by the President or by the militias and the citizens who refuse to be indoctrinated into this hellish NEW WORLD ORDER. This will take place all over the world, as it is beginning now in Denmark, and soon Sweden and Norway. Time will tell how bad everything will truly get. God have mercy on us who see thru this Satanic Plan to tear apart the USA and the world.

    • Michael Occhipinti

      I concur with Steven A. Collins, and it’s an incredible shame Mr. Russert is no longer with us.. he was the ONE GOOD MAN out there, and I pretty much stopped watching Meet the Press after his untimely demise.

  • Jane

    I also believe joan rivers and robin williams were murdered. They both had a huge audience and were very good at saying controversial tjings. Wait! Was that a joke??? NO THAT’S REAL

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