Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code the Intro

Intro by Jim Condit Jr. – We believe that this information may be so “hot” that we’ve published it in “rough” form just to get the information out there.

This research indicates that, dating back to 1590, at least the leaders of the Kurds were crypto-Jews, meaning Jews who hide their identity under another identity, in this case generally presenting themselves to the world as “Muslims.”

Incredibly, the current leaders of the Kurds, the Barzani aka Barazani family, were also the leaders in the Kurdish community in Iraq stretching back to 1590, constituting a kind of dynasty of this “people without a country” like the Romanovs in Russia or the Hapsburgs in Europe. In addition, Israel gets 3/4’s of its oil from the Kurds!


One example: “Asenath Barzani, also Asenath Barazani (1590–1670) the daughter of the eminent Rabbi Samuel HaLevi Barzani, was a renowned Kurdish Jewish woman who lived in Mosul, Iraq. Her writings showed her mastery of Hebrew, Torah, Talmud, Midrash, and Kabbalah. She is considered the first female rabbi of Jewish history by some scholars; additionally, she is the oldest recorded female Kurdish leader in history.”
Additionally: Infamous terrorist and founder of the Likud Party of Israel, Menachem Begin, requested in his will that he be buried on Mount Olive in Israel next to terrorist Moshe Barazani, an Iraqi-born Kurdish Jew with the Stern Gang (June 14, 1926 – April 21, 1947).

The Kurds are presented to the world by the Jewish Shadow-Government-controlled major TV Networks in the United States as downtrodden nomads who wander through the desert in search of food while being heavily and unjustly persecuted by the governments of the region, especially the government of Saddam Hussein until it was toppled by the Israeli-orchestrated US invasion of Iraq which launched in 2003. In fact, the Kurds have been a disruptive force in all of the host countries in which they have imposed themselves, including Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey and are currently involved in terrorism in all of those countries.

The truth is far different. The reader will be shocked at how well the Kurds are funded by the hi-jacked US government. This research indicates that the Kurds are now a leading element in the “Greater Israel” project, i.e., the effort to expand modern day Israel’s borders to the Biblical borders described in the Old Testament and mentioned in the Prophecy of Assyria.

In our opinion, the 9-11 False Flag terror attacks in 2001 were designed primarily, as regards foreign policy, to trick the United States into the Mideast to “fight Muslim terrorists” when the primary purpose was to enable the worldwide, organized Jewish Shadow government to direct the US military in toppling one Arab and/or Muslim government after another to eventually make way for the expanded borders of “Greater Israel.”

Please see Nicky Nelson’s full blockbuster research article by clicking below and spread this post far and wide.

Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code

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Kurd Research Article: Kurd Article Backup 11 24 2016 1:19pm

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  • SyrianChristian

    Barzani is a bastard he has been in the pockets of Israel for years. He has caused the death of other Kurds and Assyrians.,

    • Nicky Nelson

      That is the sad truth SyrianChristian. It is always the everyday people who pay when their leaders choose to follow the Jewish Zionist agenda or any agenda that does not behoove their people.

  • Agreed Syrian Christian. The fact that the Jews are hijacking the prophecy of Assyria and using the mutant Christian Zionist leaders around the world to substitute crypto-Jew Kurds for Assyrians in overseeing what is really the Greater Israel project is complete and utter criminal insanity. I hope people wake up and smell the takeover as we are soon approaching the point of no return; perhaps in the form of a nuclear false flag attack in one of our own cities here at home. Once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, there is no putting it back in.

    “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” – President John F. Kennedy

    President Kennedy’s Speech “The President and the Press” April 27, 1961, given before the American Newspaper Publisher Association at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Regarding the responsibility of the Media with an urgent warning to all about secret societies and the enemy within.


    We heed your warning and carry on in your name towards truth, justice, and peace for all.
    RIP President Kennedy. Thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice to our country.

  • Eight Frogs

    Thanks so much Nicky. You are literally the only person who says it as it is. The whole ‘secular’ Kurd theme is also crazy. The majority of Kurds here is Sweden are very religious Muslims and are behind most honour killings. Keep writing more about Greater Kurdistan.

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