False Flag Attacks

False Flags –

With A Focus on the Terror Attacks 9-11, 2001

There have been many false flags in the 20th century. Among the most egregious were: the Lusitania, to jumpstart WW I; Pearl Harbor, to jumpstart WW II; the failed “Lavon Affair”, where Israel tried to blame an event on the Muslim Brotherhood; the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin “incident”, to jumpstart the Vietnam War; and the grand-daddy of them all, 9-11, to jumpstart 50 years of war in the middle east (“We’re conducting Israel’s expansionist foreign policy, and everybody’s afraid to say it.” – Jim Traficant on Greta Van Susteren’s ‘On the Record’ on Fox Cable News in 2009) – and to jump start an encroaching and ever-growing police-state here in the USA. 

On the 9-11-2001 False Flag attack, the best places to go (linked below) are:

  • “9-11 Mysteries”, the video-documentary by Sofia Smallstorm;
  • “Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots” by Carol Valentine at www.public-action.com, and other important articles at that website;
  •  “Behind the Smoke Curtain”, the video-documentary by former Reagan aide, Barbara Honegger; also now a book by the same title.
  • 9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain, Parts 1 & 2: Two 1-hr mp3 audio speeches by Jim Condit Jr., focusing on all the evidence assembled from 2001 to 2013 that 9-11 was a False Flag perpetrated by the organized, worldwide Jewish Shadow Government through its in-the-open operatives in the US government and Big Media, and through its operatives in the dark side of US and Israeli intelligence agencies.

The 9-11 Terror Attacks of 2001


After 9-11-2001, I believed the official story for about one month. People were calling me from round the country insisting that 9-11 had to be an inside job. I was telling them that I didn’t think so, because you could not hire CIA or Mossad agents to kill themselves by running planes into buildings.

Then, on October 6, 2011 — about 25 days after the event, investigator-par-excellence Carol Valentine released her watershed article, “Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots.” I highly recommend that, and every other 9-11 related article, on her website: www.public-action.com

Be sure also to see the article about the 1999 Washington Post article, “When Seeing and Hearing is not Believing.”

The two speeches listed below, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II” — make the case that 9-11 was an inside job perpetrated against the American people by the organized Jewish Shadow Government and the dark side of the government of Israel. The first 20 minutes of Part I are devoted to explaining the Talmudic mentality, without an understanding of which the average American cannot understand WHO would go to all the trouble to pull off a 9-11, or why.

9-11 was perpetrated in order to get the United States military into the Mideast for 50 years of war, and to begin moving the United States towards a police state. And this is exactly what Henry Kissinger’s top assistant, Lawrence Eagleburger on either CNN or MSNBC or FOX (not sure) 10 minutes after the second tower fell on 9-11-2001. (I saw it myself, but am not sure which cable station he had flipped to when  he came on.)

Almost every part of the 9-11 cover story is false, just like almost every part of the JFK assassination cover story was false.

Jim Condit Jr.

“9-11 Mysteries”

(90 min Video) by Sofia Smallstorm:


Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots

by Carol Valentine

Go to: www.public-action.com — for the article “Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots” and other important articles. This was the article that awakened me (Jim Condit Jr.) as to how the 9-11 terror attacks of 2001 were perpetrated as a False Flag, and that the Big Media cover story was false.

9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts 1 & 2


Two 1-hr speeches on this subject were given by Jim Condit Jr. in September 2013 at the “Rebuilding Christendom” conference in Washington D.C. The speeches were entitled, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain”, Parts I & II. Each talk lasts about 50 minutes.

Listen for free to “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II”

Pulling Back the News Curtain – Part I


Pulling Back the News Curtain – Part II

Thanks for the permission of the “Rebuilding Christendom”  conference organizers. You can buy the mp3 of each speech at the below link for $5 each: http://www.isoc.ws/crc-vii-dvds-and-cds.html

Behind the Smoke Curtain

Behind the Smoke Curtain (3 hrs, Video-documentary) by Barbara Honegger (top Reagan aide, 1981 to 1985): Last part is on how the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) BECAME the US government under G.W. Bush in 2001. Approximately 1/2 of the members of PNAC are Zionist Jews, who are citizens of Israel.

Barbara Honegger

Barbara Honegger with President Reagan and VP G.W. Bush, circa 1983, Barbara was a top research-assistant, and talked to Reagan almost every day he was in Washington DC between 1981 and 1985.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth

Thousands of Architects and Engineers have come forth to state that the official cover story put out by the federal government and Big Media cannot be true, because the official story flies in the face of science and physics.

You can access their website here:


The man behind the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth is David Ray Griffin, who has written a number of very important books on the subject. Here is David Ray Griffin’s main website, which lists all his books, is here:



Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, spills the Beans on “Jewish Neocons” trying to direct the world on Morning Joe on MSNBC — and then one of the best array of facts on who was in position to perpetrate the terror attacks of 9-11, 2001 . . .


Cognitive Dissonance and 9-11 – About the Video:

The speeches at the top of this page, “9-11: Pulling back the News Curtain”, Parts 1 and 2, were given to help normal American citizens overcome what is explained in the below video, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in relation to 9-11.

We, on this website, are not against the United States of America, but are against the criminal element that has grasped control over so many levers of power within the United States, including big media, the issue of money via the privately-owned Federal Reserve Board, the US Congress, the White House, the military, and so forth. 

The terror attacks of 9-11 were not done by normal Americans to other normal Americans. But they were done by a worldwide, organized Jewish Shadow Government, which is coming more and more out into the open. 

This Shadow Government, which perpetrated 9-11 to inaugurate 50 years of wars in the Middle East, and an encroaching police state in the USA, is powered by Talmudic Jews, many of whom have American citizenship, (and, as a rule, these Talmudic Jews running our media and federal government also have Israeli citizenship).

The Talmud is the so-called “holy book” of modern day Judaism, which was not the religion of the Hebrews of the Old Testament. In fact, about 90% of modern day “Jews” are not Hebrews, but Khazars (from the central Russia of today) who converted to this new, diabolical Talmudic Judaism in the 8th century or so. The Talmud says that non-Jews are not fully human, and that only Jews are fully human. The Talmud says that it is permissible to kill non-Jews and steal from non-Jews if one can get away with it.


Khazaria was shown on medieval maps until it disappeared; Khazaria was approximately where modern day Georgia is today in Russia.

The modern day Mossad (Israel’s CIA) is an expression of the Talmud in action. The motto of the Mossad is, “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.” The terror attacks of 9-11 constituted the greatest FALSE FLAG in history, done by Talmudic Israeli Agents within the United States government, and blamed on the Moslems by Talmudic Jews running ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and Clear Channel radio (now iHeart Radio).

False Flag

As explained in the video immediately below, normal Americans refuse to face the facts of the terror attacks of 9-11 because they don’t want to believe that the United States of America, their country, is the “bad guy.” And the United States of America is not the bad guy, but we have become indistinguishable from the bad guy because we have let the organized, Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government to take over the top of our country. That’s why the first 20 minutes of the above speech, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain”, is devoted to understanding the Talmudic mentality.

Once the normal American understands the existence and the nature of that mentality, then he or she can join with awakened Americans in beginning to throw this satanic force off of our country.

Israel did 911

You can find more on this critical subject in “Hidden History” and “Critical Analysis” on this website. Look for the videos, “The Other Israel” by Rev. Ted Pike (circa 1985), and the books “Judaism Discovered” by Michael A. Hoffman II (circa 2008), “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling (free online, circa 1964), “The Talmud Unmasked” by Fr. Pranaitis (circa 1905), “The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World” by Fr. Denis Fahey (circa 1935), and “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: the weight of 3000 years”, by the Jewish Scholar Israel Shahak (circa 1994); the now deceased Israel Shahak had to go outside of Israel to get this book printed. with this in mind, watch the YouTube video below, “Psychologists Explain 9-11 Denial.” – Jim Condit Jr.   

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE explains the widespread inability to look at facts.

Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky





Remembering 9/11 Truth – False Flag Wars

We’ve all heard that 9/11 was an inside job and the majority of Americans do not believe the official 9/11 story, however, they can’t seem to make that final connection and see it for what it really was.

False Flag Meme 911We see the media and governments beating the war drums once again. Could they be telling us the truth this time? Are they really going back in for humanitarian reasons and to stop ISIS.

Most people in other countries are more informed than Americans, especially when it comes to foreign policy. In fact, I recently came upon a meme stating that America goes to war so Americans can learn geography; it would be funny if it weren’t so shamefully true.

Let’s take this opportunity to educate ourselves and our loved ones on 9/11 and False Flag operations. The only way to stop these illegal wars is to reach critical mass and push back on our Zionist-controlled Representatives.

Proof of Israel’s involvement on 9/11 by Ken Doc, click on the picture for information!


Proof the “Official Story” is indeed the real “Conspiracy Theory” by Ken Doc
Ken MSM Compilation

Check out RT’s show that indicates America’s own Government burned its citizens alive in broad daylight as a pretext to illegal wars and justification to take away more of our civil liberties.

Israel is a threat to America, not Iran. 

If you would like to be a Face of Truth for 9/11, post your picture to create a 9/11 Awareness profile picture here!

911 Face of Truth

History of Israel Click for InfoTHE HISTORY OF PALESTINE AND ISRAEL: Arabs and Jews lived in peace and harmony together for over 1,300 years until the Zionists invaded; see the *Balfour Declaration of 1917:

The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.[1]

The text of the letter was published in the press one week later, on 9 November 1917.[2] The “Balfour Declaration” was later incorporated into the Sèvres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balfour_Declaration )

The Neocon Zionist Coup – Why It Matters to Americans!


Corporate Media Discredits 9/11 Truth by Broadcasting Invalid Conspiracy Theories By: Michael Aydinian

9/11 – 13 years & counting! I remain in a state of limbo trying to decide what’s worse – the carnage that’s occurred as a direct result of 9/11 or the fact the true conspirators remain free, many of them adding insult to injury by actively compounding the ungodly level of death & destruction to this very day! As the years have passed I’ve come to believe very few folk remain undecided about 9/11! One either believes the official account or feels the whole thing was a set up! Also it seems, it’s becoming an increasingly arduous task trying to convert people either way. Hard enough trying to open people’s minds but often with 9/11, I may as well be talking to a brick wall – it’s a waste of time! Yet what I find so astonishing, nearly all those who vehemently believe the official account of 9/11 invariably do not possess even a fundamental understanding of the most serious aspects of the case.

I’ll list a few here:
1). Are they aware of the warnings Britain, Russia & many other countries gave to the US of impending attacks with air-crafts being used as missiles?

2). Are they aware of US civil air defense procedure (the cost of which, incidentally, exceeds what the rest of the world spends on civil air defense) & that on the day, it was inexplicably non-existent?

3). Are they aware of Dick Cheney’s order for US fighter jets to STAND DOWN?

4). Are they aware owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein was paid around $5 billion due to 35 separate insurance policies taken out soon after he bought them for a paltry $15 million that very same year?

5). Are they aware of Silverstein’s close friendship to Ariel Sharon & Benjamin Netanyahu?

6). Are they aware that a 3rd skyscraper WTC 7 collapsed that day & that this building was also owned by Silverstein? This one wasn’t hit by a plane!

7). Do they know Siverstein immediately replaced the security firm in charge of the Towers with Securacom, a company run by none other than Marvin Bush, the President’s brother?

8). Do they know Kerosene plane fuel’s maximum temperature is 900C?

9). Do they know the Towers were built with grade A steel, which can only be compromised if temperatures reach 2000C?

10). Do they know who Minoru Yamasaki is?

Architect Minoru Yamasaki discussing plans for the World Trade Centre in New York. (Photo: Courtesy Yamasaki Inc.)

Aaahhh Minoru Yamasaki! Isn’t it incredible how this name never cropped up? In the days preceding 9/11 the corporate media never mentioned him! After all, since these two skyscrapers were the only steel structured buildings in history to ever collapse because of planes crashing into them, you’d think the man who designed the Twin Towers would be brought to account? A plane hits a building that stands 3/4 of a kilometer high & it collapses like a pack of cards? You see in the past, 26 large buildings had been hit by aircraft, including a large bomber slamming into the Empire State in 1946 – THEY’RE ALL STILL STANDING! So why didn’t anybody mention the architect – Minoru Yamasaki?

I’ll tell you why! Yamasaki’s design incorporated 26 major steel support columns, complete with a surrounding structure akin to a mosquito netting which formed an intense grid all around the building. At the time the largest passenger plane was the Boeing 707, bigger even than the planes that hit the Towers. Yamasaki’s design specifically ensured that if ever a 707 were to smash into one of the Towers, it would be tantamount to sticking a toothpick into a gherkin! The truth is these buildings could & should have absorbed the impact of FOUR SIMULTANEOUS 707 IMPACTS!

I wholeheartedly believe if one is not cognizant of each & every one of the 10 points above, then how can one even voice an opinion, let alone argue with those who’ve painstakingly researched every aspect of the case? It’s a soul-destroying affair having to listen to these people but they then have the gall to look down on you with disdain & label you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ simply because you bother to ask patently obvious questions! One is forbidden from expressing a view, at least one should be, if one is ignorant of the facts!

For several years now I’ve been of the opinion there is no need for more evidence. In fact, I’ll go as far to say, new revelations regarding what occurred on that fateful day, actually are a hindrance because they only serve to create controversy & thus split the truther movement! More often than not, corporate media happily open its doors to people like Dr. Judy Wood who, in one her wild hallucinations dreamed up the ludicrous notion the Towers were destroyed by a new ‘laser weapon!’ Strange how the media are loathed to interview Professor Steven Jones, the foremost expert on Catalyzed Muon Fusion. His study, which included detailed analysis of particles taken from the site, concluded the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition using Nano-Thermite explosives! Not only has the media totally ignored his work; Professor Emeritus Steven Jones, lost his job at Brigham Young University in 2006 & has been shunned ever since!

Professor Jones is by no means an isolated case. While corporate media donates an unchallenged platform to those offering ‘alternative’ views, presenting them as 9/11 truthers! Yet, more often than not, their sole purpose is to spread misinformation. Their outlandish views only serve to convince the uninitiated that 9/11 truthers really are weirdo conspiracy freaks! In the meantime they impose a blanket boycott on the 1000’s upon 1000’s of professors, academics, pilots, experts in the field of architecture, physics & demolition, who’ve all put their names down on record in Richard Gage’s excellent video ‘Architects & Engineers – Experts for 9/11 truth’, categorically saying – the official explanation of 9/11 wasn’t just a sham – IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE! Therefore, for years I’ve desperately tried to make people understand:


What I find most disconcerting is how so many people simply accept what they’re told & fail to ask the most patently obvious questions! What on earth does it take for people to realize that with any crime, disaster, terrorist act or whatever – there are winners & losers! Who, after all, is unaware that when detectives attempt to solve a crime, the first thing they consider is CUI BONO – who gains! With 9/11, many people didn’t just gain – they hit the jackpot! One role of the Security & Exchange Commission is to look out for irregular trading patterns. When this occurs they report it! 3 days prior to 9/11 there was a 4 fold increase in trades in put options on American Airlines!………. Now a 25% increase would raise the alarm!…….. BUT 4 FOLD?

Briefly, Put & Call options are effectively a high stakes method of trading in a company’s fortunes – buying Call options means you feel the share price will rise; buying Put options means you believe the company’s share price will fall! Years ago I worked in the industry. I bought & sold shares. Puts & Calls are not for the faint-hearted! Most significantly, whenever one indulges, NAMES & ADDRESSES ARE REQUIRED, COMPLETE WITH DETAILS OF BANK ACCOUNTS AS WELL AS THE NECESSARY FUNDS! So 2 days prior to 9/11, the SEC report a 6 fold increase in the trading of Put options on American Airlines & the day before 9/11, an astonishing 11 fold increase! No one was going the other way – buying Calls! Everyone was gambling big time on American Airline shares to plummet! All of a sudden, the next morning – HEY PRESTO! You’ve got to be kidding me! I can just imagine the faces of brokers who laid these contracts as planes slammed into the Towers! They must have thought – ‘we’ve done our absolute brains here!’

Anyone genuinely investigating 9/11 would not only have apprehended all those who gained so lavishly; they would have demanded they take lie-detector tests so that it could be ascertained whether they had advanced knowledge of the impending disaster, which they obviously did! This way the money trail would have been followed & inevitably led to those who were inextricably involved in the planning & execution of 9/11. So, when it becomes abundantly clear these crucial avenues of investigation weren’t even followed up, anyone with a modicum of intelligence should assume but one thing – THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION!

Secondly, whenever accusations or insinuations are leveled, most especially when they’re unanimously one sided, if this occurs before anyone has had a chance to gather evidence, let alone conduct an investigation, it’s a cast-iron certainty the accused is being set up! The moment it was announced flight MH17 had been shot down, almost immediately the corporate media & the Zionists puppets in the West were placing the blame squarely at the feet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin! Not to mention, Putin had NOTHING to gain from doing such a thing! Straight away my mind reverted back to 9/11! While GW Bush & his administration claimed ‘no one could foresee that anyone would hijack planes & use them to fly into buildings!’ Of course that was an out-&-out lie but what happened within an hour was something to behold!

Those who should have known something but claimed they knew nothing………. SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING! Plotted up in just about every major news headquarters were specially selected Bush insiders & Zionists! I watched it live – Jerome Hauer was right by Peter Jennings’ side when the long time ABC presenter said ‘strange how these buildings collapsed, as if brought down deliberately by controlled demolition!’ Hauer immediately changed the subject & said ‘what a great job the rescue workers are doing!’ At the time I thought that was a bit weird but made nothing of it…….. but then Hauer said this was probably the work of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda! WHAT? Al Qaeda was founded & funded by the CIA! …………. He then mentioned Osama Bin Laden!…………. I thought ‘hang on a minute!’ I switched over to BBC news & lo and behold – there was war criminal, ex Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack! WHAT IN THE BLAZES WAS HE DOING THERE?

Barack couldn’t contain himself! He said words to the effect that this was such a despicable attack there had to be a concerted war on terror! BBC presenter Phillip Hayter looked surprised but then when Barack said this is the work of Al Qaeda & named Osama Bin Laden as the man responsible, I thought what the hell is going on here? Hayter jumped in saying, ‘wait a minute. You can’t go accusing people!’ Barack had to gather himself only to continue emphasizing the need for a war on terror! THE SEEDS WERE BEING SOWN! IT WAS ESSENTIAL THE MYTHS OF 9/11 WERE IMPLANTED ON AN UNSUSPECTING, SHOCKED PUBLIC WITHOUT DELAY! The next day Osama Bin Laden said on Al Jezeera TV that he had absolutely nothing to with the attack! The entire corporate media deemed the American people had no need to see this!

The mother of all ironies of 9/11 – let’s say it WAS the work of Muslim extremists, exactly as we were told! Then surely this begs a question – WHAT COULD HAVE ENRAGED MUSLIMS FOR THEM TO CARRY OUT SUCH A HEINOUS ACT? Rack your brains all you like – there can be only one explanation – America’s unconditional support for Israel! Now considering Israel’s wanton disregard for international law & the fact that no less than 66 UN resolutions had been tabled against it, only for America to apply its veto each & every time! This alone gave Israel a license to do literally as it pleased, much to the detriment of the hapless Palestinians. America couldn’t have done more to incur resentment among Arabs & Muslims………. yet……… US support for Israel was never mentioned, let alone ever suggested as a reason why 9/11 occurred.

Dov S. Zakheim

How could this be? The truth is the corporate media HAD TO HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT! I’ve tried explaining to people, this plan would not even have been considered if the entire mass media could not be relied on! Even if one major channel asked – where was our civil air defense? How could a hijacked plane roam into the most protected air space in the world & just happen to slam into the Budget Analyst Office where over 100 Pentagon employees were trying to locate the missing $2.3 TRILLION that Dov Zakheim siphoned off to Israel? How come the FBI were there, ready to confiscate all the footage from 34 CCTV cameras that surrounded the Pentagon? Why would anyone WANT to confiscate this footage? Last but not least, just a little research would reveal something quite extraordinary – 7 of the 19 hijackers………. ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY! I can go on & on – the point is, if any mainstream news channel asked any of these questions, it could start a process that would be extremely difficult to stop! The cat could well have emerged from the bag!

Qui bono? Since 9/11, almost every country in the Middle East that voiced opposition to Israel has either been destroyed or is in the process of being destroyed! Those blamed for 9/11 – lost everything! Those who had control of the Bush administration & the media, who also happened to be the very people who instantly pointed the finger at Muslim terrorists – they gained everything! Small wonder, on the day of 9/11, while Americans remained in a state of disbelief & shock, Netanyahu could not contain his glee! But to have the temerity to say “This is good for Israel?” My word!

Should this be such a surprise though? Once Kuwait was liberated, Bush senior had no interest in invading Iraq & ousting Saddam. After all, the CIA was instrumental in installing him as leader. The previous Iraqi leader Qasim had told the US & UK ‘Iraqi oil was for the Iraqi people!’ Bush was an oil man. He knew by invading Iraq he’d open up a can of worms! He was perfectly happy to see Saddam’s ruthlessness keep a lid on all the rival factions in Iraq while preserving America’s best interests. The last thing America needed was turmoil in the Middle East!

Some time prior to 9/11, I believe the dual national Zionists decided to take a more hands on approach on US foreign policy. In order to do this effectively, they needed a puppet in the White House. Hence the blatant election fraud that twice gifted GW Bush the Presidency & the outrageous fraud that on both occasions robbed RON PAUL of the Presidency. He was by far & away the people’s choice. As a result, the past 15 years US foreign policy has been serving the specific wishes of but one country – Israel! Significantly, while America has been acting against its best interests, this period has seen its standing in the world positively nose-dive! America, along with Israel, is now the most despised country on the planet!

And to this very day, the mayhem in the Middle East continues. US foreign policy seems an unbridled mess but I wholeheartedly believe this is all by design! Zionists are in control in Washington DC – they are deliberately manufacturing this turmoil & the media which is also controlled by them is their propaganda tool to use as they see fit! It doesn’t get any better – US money created an army of mercenaries which the media labels Muslims! The US provides all the high-tech weaponry. These hired killers go about destabilizing Libya; they murder Gadaffi; Libya descends into chaos! Job done – they don’t care what happens to Libya now! WHO’S NEXT? Syria! Death & destruction once again. The media says nothing about the brutality of these rebel maniacs but this time Iran & Russia simply cannot sit idly by. If Syria falls, Iran is next! So they help Assad. As a result the CIA/MOSSAD army of murderers finds the going tough. Moreover, contrary to what our media say, Assad has the support of his people & the army.

So some of these thugs decide there are easy pickings over the border in Iraq. In no time, they seize huge tracts of land, viciously slaughtering anyone & everyone! But wait! This wasn’t part of the script! Not that the Israelis mind – they know no one will attack them! So in order to keep these thugs in check the US has no option but to attack the very army they created! Seizing the opportunity, the Zionist controlled media now decide to christen them – ISIS! Time to pull the wool over people’s eyes one more time – ISIS! THE NEW TERRORIST THREAT! The fact they’ve been massacring hoards of innocent folk left, right & center, the fact Saudi Arabia makes a habit of beheading people; the fact we have serviced these psychos with weapons, doesn’t enter the equation.

Suddenly on general release are videos of Isis beheading hostages, with the front pages adorned by Jihad John, ready with his carving knife! Frankly I’m amazed people cannot see they’re being set up………. again. What earthly reason would Isis have to do this? Antagonize America? Nothing to gain! Moreover, 99 times out of 100 hostages are taken for money! More often than not, large ransoms are paid! A dead hostage is not worth a bar of soap! James Foley did not look like the man in the video & when Obama actually responded ‘yes. The second video is authentic’ I nearly fell off my seat. When major arteries in the neck are cut, blood gushes out! These videos were fake! In many ways this clearly indicates the enormous advantage of media control. Why people accept the horrendous loss of civilian life as collateral damage, but are then appalled by a beheading is beyond me.

9/11 was a major turning point in our history. What’s most worrying is the perpetrators not only remain free – they are busy writing the script for the media! They then feed us this garbage almost like a daily soap opera! Normally the problem with creating turmoil is it becomes problematic predicting the outcome. Israel couldn’t give a damn about this or anything else! They want to see the US & EU lock horns with Russia so that they can take out Iran! Why else are Obama & Cameron making an enemy out of Russia? Israel’s goal was to see their enemies destroyed or embroiled in chaos! Whatever happens after is largely irrelevant. With the media firmly in their pocket & their puppet politicians in the West subservient as ever, they can literally make it up as they go along! That’s what they are doing right now!

Used with permission By Michael Aydinian
Source: http://whatsupic.com/special-usa/corporate-media532878.html

Michael Head Shot

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