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Our Total Victory Strategy is the missing ingredient for all other action and educational plans. Without it, nothing will change.  A short 3-paragraph explanation of “Donate for What” is near the bottom of this page. — Just merely passing bad news around on the internet to each other, and even to newly awakened people, is not a plan. The Total Victory Strategy can be studied by CLICKING HERE.

Without the ingredients in our Total Victory Action Plan — nothing will change!

Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

Donate to: Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2016

(Running Against Speaker of the House John Boehner)

You MUST be a US Citizen to donate to my
U.S. Congressional Campaign using this button:


Donate for What? With money donated to my congressional campaign, we can buy TV and Radio ads on the largest TV and radio stations. Due to the Reasonable Access Law, these large FCC-licensed stations MUST carry our ads! This allows us to reach Americans driving to and from work with the exact information which those very stations and talk show hosts are hiding from them, AND to direct these newly awakened Americans to a good website, AND to then involve newly awakened Americans in the Action Plan to Take Back America. For complete information on this strategy, which I have implemented in multiple election years, see my congressional website:
Let Freedom Ring Rectangle Fire Boehner LONG Click here

REGULAR MAIL: You can send your support by REGULAR MAIL to:

Jim Condit Jr.™ for Congress 2016
P.O. Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Contact information:

Phone: 513-741-2095

 If  you are NOT a US Citizen (or even if you are)

If you are NOT a US Citizen (or even if you are), you can contribute via PayPal. These donations via Paypal go to our Network America grassroots organizing program, which is explained in our “Victory Strategy” on Target Freedom USA :

– click on the PayPal Button below
enter as the email
– specify amount you want to donate
– hit Send Money, sign into your account, and follow any further instructions.

PayPal Donate

You can send your support by REGULAR MAIL to:
Network America
P.O. Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Contact information:

Phone: 513-741-2095

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ANOTHER OPTION – A “Tax Exempt” OPTION: if you are not a US Citizen, or even if you are, you can make a tax exempt donation (by US rules) to our educational foundation:

Golden Rule Foundation (tax exempt, education, but since the donations are tax exempt, we cannot comment on candidates for public office or pending legislation; still an excellent vehicle to facilitate our educational efforts and provide a tax exemption for donors, especially large donors)

A tax exempt 501(c)3 foundation, can educate on general subjects like how Americans can use the Precinct system to make their influence felt on public affairs, and how to return the USA to honest, verifiable elections as opposed to the easily rigged, secretly counted, computerized processing of elections that we have had since the 1970s until today. Contributions to this foundation can NOT be used in any political or lobbying activity. It cannot be used for or against a political candidate, or for or against a specific piece of legislation. But very much can still be done with donations to this Foundation.

Golden Rule Foundation
PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


Two reasons you should consider helping our efforts:

1. The Congressional campaign money allows me to put Radio Ads on the largest 50,000 watt FCC-licensed radio and TV stations, through which I reach the general public, who need to be awakened, with controversial ads that cause the citizen take notice and listen as they drive to and from work. At the end of each radio or TV ad is a website where a whole new world of information is opened up to most visitors. From there we can enlist citizens in the Total Victory Strategy, and try to take back the country via the precinct strategy and honest elections.

By donating to my current Congressional Campaign against Speaker of the House John Boehner for 2016, you are helping reach the very citizens who most need to hear this information, and who are most READY to hear it. We run our ads on the largest radio stations, right in the middle of programs like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. There are always thousands of people listening to these stations who have started to suspect they are not getting the whole story. The Reasonable Access Law forces the large FCC licensed AM talk stations to run the ads of US Congressional Candidates (US Senate and Presidential candidates too.)

2. We can use congressional campaign money to educate and organize citizens for the Total Victory Strategy. This is the real goal, and how we take back America.

Jim Condit Jr and Jim Traficant LFR247

One of the last honest and freedom loving Americans to serve in Congress. Jim was one of the few to speak out about Israel’s stranglehold on American politics. The world has lost a great and courageous man. (2014) RIP
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