(Graphic Video) US Air Force’s Aaron Bushnell Sets Himself on Fire at Israeli Embassy

(Graphic Video) US Air Force’s Aaron Bushnell Sets Himself on Fire at Israeli Embassy in extreme protest of Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people


Washington, DC, Feb 25, 2024: Just after noon on Sunday, Aaron Bushnell, 25, of San Antonio, Texas says the following while walking down the street and up to the Israeli Embassy in DC:ere

Hi my name is Aaron Bushnell,

I am an active duty member of the United States Air Force and I will no longer be complicit in genocide.

I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers it’s not extreme at all.

This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.

Mr. Bushnell arrives at the Israeli Embassy, positions his camera, calmly walks up to the gate, pours some type of flammable liquid from a metal canister over his head, puts his hat on, takes out a lighter and struggles to get it to light, then sets himself ablaze!

While standing in front of Israel’s gate fully engulfed in flames, Aaron screams repeatedly with his last breaths and every ounce of his being:


Then we hear his screams of pain and agony and Aaron goes quiet and drops to the ground.




You can watch on Rumble HERE, and I will be uploading a copy to our servers for safe keeping.


You can see an Israeli embassy agent holding a gun on Aaron while he is lying on the ground on fire. Other first responders were trying to help him and yelled “we need fire extinguishers not guns”.

It was reported that Aaron Bushnell, who self-immolated, emailed reporters Sunday morning stating “Today, I am planning to engage in an extreme act of protest against the genocide of the Palestinian people” and stated that it would be live-streamed on Twitch.

It’s estimated that at least 44 FSM (former service members) die each day in the US by Suicide and Self-Injury Mortality according to the AWP and DOD.


This is what Aaron was protesting – Genocide!


Clare Daly @ClareDalyMEP – Member of the European Parliament

Genocidal statements from Israeli officials

There will be no “we did not know.” You did know. We all knew. They told us in their own words, from the very first day, and every day since.#StopGazaGenocide. #CeasefireNOW. #FreePalestine. pic.twitter.com/qgnS2NvNvK

— Clare Daly (@ClareDalyMEP) February 26, 2024




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