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Our mission is to teach millions of people in the USA how to TAKE BACK AMERICA from a clique of ruthless international Banksters and their unholy allies. We call this our Total Victory Strategy (see the Victory Strategy button on the top of the Home Page).

We the people must understand that the only way we can make our influence felt, peacefully and constitutionally, is by using the Precinct Strategy (also called the Neighborhood Lighthouse Strategy) in the party of each one’s choice.

By understanding and utilizing the Precinct Strategy, the American people can:

– replace the current COUNTY party leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties with local party leaders who support the true freedoms of the Constitution (there are 50 states, and 3141 counties in the USA)

– then, endorse and nominate pro-liberty, pro-constitution candidates for offices from City Council to Congress to President, resulting in congressmen who are loyal to the Constitution and America – instead of to the anti-American, anti-Christian international Banksters and their operatives at the local level.

– restore transparent, verifiable elections instead of the illegal, unconstitutional, easily-rigged, secretly counted, computerized “elections” now being head in 3131 out of the 3141 counties in the USA (the COUNTIES determine how the votes are counted, see the “Votefraud” button on the top of the Home Page)

– restore honest money to the nation, replacing the secretive, privately-owned organization, the Federal Reserve Board (FED) with a National Monetary Office under the direct supervision of Congress as is specified in the US Constitution. Constitutional money would be issued based on the goods and service available in any given quarter in order to supply the needs of business and commerce, based on the full faith and credit of the people of the United States, and the production made possible by our energies and the technological inventions and advancements of our ancestors and our own generation. Money would be issued interest-free to the nation, and the National Monetary Office would operate in the open, and audited by several organizations, both in and out of government, with heavy jail terms for anyone found to be falsifying numbers, and heavy rewards for those auditors who catch such fraudsters.

– revitalized County Chairmen in the Republican and Democratic parties could then nominate pro-Liberty, pro-Constitution State Party Chairmen and National Chairmen, who will then institute fair rules for primaries, caucuses, and conventions for the Presidential elections, always respectful of the role of the grassroots delegates (the opposite of the criminal leaderships of the Republican and Democratic Party National Leaderships today).

– Those who wish to work in 3rd parties, such as the Constitution Party or the Libertarian parties, can build such third parties right now. These “3rd parties” provide a voice for citizens after the primaries and presidential conventions — all the way to the General Election day in November. These 3rd parties don’t seem to want to face that they are checkmated for 1000 years as long as the International Banksters control the easily-rigged, computerized elections. But once the current FED-Goldman-Sachs-controlled Republican and Democratic party leaders (the Dems and GOP control EVERY county in the USA) are replaced, and transparent, honest elections are restored, — the 3rd party candidates will once again have a chance to win, not only here and there,  but on a massive scale.

– To teach millions of Americans to state publicly that we will not accept the results any election if the votes were counted in secret on secret computer systems.

– To teach millions of people to state publicly that the privately owned Federal Reserve Board must be replaced with an honest entity, such as a National Monetary Office, which operates under the authority of the Congress as mandated by the Constitution, and which issues constitutional, interest-free money to meet the needs of the business and commerce of the nation, and which operates in the open, and is audited by accountants both inside of government and from the private sector.

– To teach people that, as stated by the late, former Congressman Jim Traficant, former Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan, former Senator Friz Hollings, and former Congressman Paul Findley, – that Congress is powerfully controlled by the organized Jewish Lobby through such organizations as AIPAC (The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), and that Congressmen and women must be nominated and elected who will throw off this extremely detrimental foreign control of our nation.

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The Hon. Jim Traficant passed away after a reported freak accident on his family farm in September 2014 during the launch of Project Freedom USA which meant to do away with the “Federal” Reserve and their criminal collection agency, the IRS.

Jim Condit Jr. was running against Speaker of the House, John Boehner, at the time and had been working and traveling with Traficant the last 6-months of his life helping him with this project. We carry on with Target Freedom USA in his memory.

Jim Condit Jr and Jim Traficant LFR247

Traficant was one of the last honest and freedom loving Americans to serve in Congress, and one of the few to speak out about Israel’s stranglehold on American politics. The world has lost a great and courageous man. (2014) RIP  -Jim Condit Jr.™

For a “shot in the arm” watch the below video, “James Traficant – A Tribute” put together by internet warrior, Mike Wayne: