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BREAKING NEWS! Regime Change Thwarted in Syria – Now what?

BREAKING NEWS! Regime Change Thwarted in Syria – Now what? By TLB Contributing Author: Nicky Nelson – Originally posted on The Liberty Beacon * Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad offered Amnesty to rebel fighters. A brilliant and practical strategy that has worked with great success. With the recent liberation of East Aleppo and the help of Russia, Syria’s legitimate government

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MSNBC Hints Israeli Spies Are Source of “Russian Hacking”

MSNBC Hints Israeli Spies Are Source of “Russian Hacking”  Nixon “The Jews are born spies” December 15, 2016 – Senior legal and investigative correspondent for NBC News, Cynthia McFadden and the CIA’s Mop-Up Man, Ken Dilanian, on Meet the Press (MTP) Daily discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin’s purported involvement in hacking the U.S. election. McFadden states the source of this

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Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code the Intro

Intro by Jim Condit Jr. – We believe that this information may be so “hot” that we’ve published it in “rough” form just to get the information out there. This research indicates that, dating back to 1590, at least the leaders of the Kurds were crypto-Jews, meaning Jews who hide their identity under another identity, in this case generally presenting

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Trump is Dooming His Own Campaign by Accepting Secret Computer Counts

Update 4-05-16:  Donald Trump’s failure to follow the advice of this website and object to the easily-rigged, secret computer counts – has as of now doomed the Trump presidential bid to computer-generated “defeat”. (See video below) Trump was 10 points ahead in Wisconsin ten days ago, but now has “lost” 50% to 30% according to the published computer “results.” Same

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