Interesting Online Holocaust Debate with Jim Condit Jr. 9/6/2016

The Great Holocaust Debate with Jim Condit Jr. 9/6/2016
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Comments in response to Dan Asmussen’s post about the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel and where he states:

We let fake Jews take over Congress and send our sons and daughters to war to get them gold and oil. Stop hating Arabs and Muslims, it’s Zionists that own the news and make you believe Arabs are a threat when in reality it is Israel that’s the threat to world peace.

“I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9

FYI: Israel did 9/11


Jonathan Koplitz And let me guess, the holocaust never happened? That’s what the people on this webpage argue…

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Dan Asmussen I can’t say if it happened or not because I wasn’t born until 21 years after World War 2 ended… but I can access their records, and I’ve been trying to figure out why the numbers don’t add up to the official story.…/

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Nicky Nelson Here is some research on the numbers, but the intent behind the Holocaust is key as well. This website has a lot of good information including information on the Nazi / Zionist connection if you are interested. 🙂 I put this site together for Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.…/holocaust-hidden…/


The Holocaust – Target Freedom USA™

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Jonathan Koplitz The Waffen SS and the Gestapo did much to hide their crimes. Burning documents, dismantling camps and ghettos, destroying the gas chambers/ovens, but much was left before they could hide it all. The Holocaust happened. There is no denying it. Go to a Holocaust Museum, talk to a survivor, or go visit Auschwitz itself if you need more proof.

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Nicky Nelson Jonathan, perhaps you should watch the documentary David Cole put together during his visit to Auschwitz. He nearly lost his life for his work and is Jewish himself; they keep pulling the video, but I keep finding other copies and putting it back up. From above:
Here is some research on the numbers, but the intent behind the Holocaust is key as well. This website has a lot of good information including information on the Nazi / Zionist connection if you are interested. 🙂 I put this site together for Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.…/holocaust-hidden…/


The Holocaust – Target Freedom USA™

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Timothy Locke The Red Cross had to ‘readjust’ their Holocaust numbers since the release of actual information. Less than 300,000 Jews were killed in the alleged Camps. Far more Germans died between 1945 and 1947.

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Dan Asmussen I’m referring to the population numbers (by their own accounting) from before and after the war. If there were only 210,000 in Germany in 1938, where did 6,000,000 come from and why is there only a 5,600 variance between the population of 1938 and 1948?

I’m confused…

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Nicky Nelson The six million number was being used for quite some time Dan, not sure if you have seen that video showing 10 newspapers from 1915-1938 Printing 6,000,000 BEFORE the Holocaust; it is in that link I posted, just scroll down.…/holocaust-hidden…/


The Holocaust – Target Freedom USA™

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Jonathan Koplitz You obviously know Nazi Germany conquered Europe and had the large populations of Jews, handicapped, homosexuals, political prisoners, etc.. Rounded up from numerous countries and shipped usually to ghettos or concentration camps. And Germany’s population far surpassed 210,000 in 1938. They are estimated to have lost close to 4 million total throughout the war, though the German’s argue the number is closer to 5 million. Every year more and more German war dead are recovered from the eastern front for reburial in Germany. Perhaps someday we can have a more realistic number, but the numbers don’t seem farfetched. Look at battles like Stalingrad where Germany lost around 200,000 men, plus however many POWs the Soviets killed.

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Nicky Nelson The numbers could not be more far-fetched Jonathan, but again, the intent and motive for this atrocity is really key in understanding the creating of Israel and the takeover of Palestine using the Jewish people as victims; check out the transfer agreements. Again, everything is on this page and if you look around the website, you will see information on the Nazi/Zionist connection as well.
Edwin Black on his book, The Transfer Agreement: Edwin Black spins the beans on the Transfer Agreements between the Nazis and the Zionists in this telling interview.…/holocaust-hidden…/


The Holocaust – Target Freedom USA™

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Jonathan Koplitz I like you Dan, please don’t buy into the Holocaust denial bull shit. You know the Holocaust happened.

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Nicky Nelson Jonathan, do some real research, Dan is a man of integrity and truth as you may know. I have worked with him for years in the movement.

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Nicky Nelson If history is predominantly written by the victors, what exactly do you think you know?

If you are interested in peace, you should know who our real enemies are.

Those who don’t know REAL history are doomed to repeat it. Therefore, we shall continue bombing innocent people worldwide – engaging in perpetual/illegal wars based on lies and Israeli false flag attacks with no hope of peace in sight.

Peace through ignorance is no plan my friend.

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Jonathan Koplitz Good look peddling your holocaust denial to my family and friends that survived Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Ebensee. The history wasn’t just written by the victors, the evidence is from documents and video footage the Nazis wrote and shot themselves from 1934 till 1945. You can still visit numerous concentration camps and see the gas chambers and ovens. That not proof enough? Try visiting any of the Holocaust museums. They allow public access to all the records, databases, and information they have. There is no grand Jewish conspiracy, the Holocaust happened.


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Nicky Nelson Like I said Jonathan, David Cole visited and researched Auschwitz, I took notes to verify as much of the info as I could, including studying the aerial maps, etc. – a few pages of notes. It is your loss if you choose to not look at information so you can decide for yourself based on all of the information available.

It is my belief that only with the help of the good Jews will we be able to stop the evil ones committing heinous crimes against humanity. Shalom. 🙂

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Jonathan Koplitz David Cole the man who publicly stated he is a Holocaust “revisionist”, and denied the gas chambers actually gased people until a survivor showed him a real can of Zyklon b. A Man who abuses his own Jewish identity to achieve notoriety. I actually have watched two interviews from him in the past, and he is full of shit. His claim that Auschwitz ceased exterminating people in 1943 is ridiculous considering the Soviets found fresh piles of corpses, among many other horrific things in 1945. Did he forget about the Nazi death marches during the fall of the Third Reich?

On November 7th, 1944, the Nazis destroyed the gas chambers to hide their crimes according to their own record books. David is entitled to his opinion, but his opinion does not make him a historian.


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Nicky Nelson I don’t think the Soviets were a good source for information and Zyklon b was used for other reasons as I am sure you have read. I urge you to watch the Auschwitz interview to see what he was actually able to get them to admit.

Many people are in prison for voicing their views on the Holocaust and I think that any “history” that is enforced via putting people in cages is a good indication that it does not stand on its own two feet.

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Jonathan Koplitz Zyklon B’s primary use during WW2 was the extermination of large groups of people. Stop downplaying the gas chambers as if they weren’t a thing. The Soviet Union faced the full fury of the Third Reich both militarily and socially, why should we downplay their information and documentation?

David Cole in an interview said he was not sure how many died at Auschwitz, but he mentioned a figure of 300,000, a fraction of the accepted total. And he still believed that Hitler protected the Jews and tried to put off the Final Solution – the systematic killing of all European Jews – at least until after the war.

Do you have any video or links about the Holocaust that aren’t written by Holocaust deniers or “revisionists”? Most of these sources are incredibly biased, and usually saturated in anti-semitism. It’s hard to take anything these people say seriously.

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Nicky Nelson Jonathan, is a site I built for Jim Condit Jr. for Congress and it includes information from many sources, including my own research.

We have researched this information and have made it available to the public to help educate the people on real history. If you choose not to look at the research (all of the available research) your conclusions really have no integrity, and would further indicate that your view of current events is also skewed.



Target Freedom USA™ – Precinct Takeover • Honest Elections •…

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Nicky Nelson Jim and I are actually doing an enormous amount of work in the movement and are very busy. So I will say good day to you. 🙂

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Nicky Nelson This is the same group that was behind 9-11, the “Federal” Reserve, and who own and control the majority – probably about 90% of all of our media… We have a real problem here.


Nicky Nelson‎ to PALESTINE OUR 911 IS THEIR 24/7 – Zionism the root of the problem

May 9, 2015 ·

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money 4:

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Nicky Nelson Who owns the media in about 3-minutes.


Who Owns The Media? http…

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Jonathan Koplitz Oh boy a self hating anti-semite who believes in the fictitious War on Christmas. I am sure he has valuable information that isn’t biased agains’t Jews…

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Nicky Nelson Jonathan Koplitz I don’t agree with a lot of his ideologies, however, he’s a great researcher.

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Nicky Nelson And if the Kennedy brothers would have been successful in their critical fight to get the Jewish Lobby to file as foreign agents as is required by our FARA laws, we would not have all of this dangerous propaganda today, Israel would not have nuclear weapons, and we would have been printing our own money as is required by our constitution vs having foreign bankers and the founders of Israel enslaving the world with their FIAT currency while terrorizing the world with their illegal wars of aggression and expansionist projects for a Greater Israel.…/


DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered…

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Jonathan Koplitz Israel would have gotten nuclear weapons one way or the other. Peres was working with Israel’s closest ally at the time (France) in 1956 during the Suez Crisis, and it is widely believed that during that time nuclear secrets traded hands. We will never know exactly when since Israel really hasn’t publicly admitted to having nuclear weapons, but pretty much everyone knows they have them.

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Nicky Nelson This is true, however, Kennedy said no nukes for Israel. In that article I put together about the DOJ files and Kennedy you can click to see the original documents and also see a lot of Jewish people who had written to President Kennedy urging him to continue his work against the Zionists as they themselves felt and expressed that they were Americans first and felt allegiance to the United States vs Zionist Israel first…

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Nicky Nelson In this letter here you can see that about 30-days before President Kennedy’s assassination, it is stated that if they were forced to file as foreign agents it would eventually destroy the Zionist movement.


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Jonathan Koplitz Kennedy knew he had no sway though. It was saber rattling and nothing more. His own cabinet even advised him to let the French continue arming the Israeli’s to counter soviet influence in the region. Meanwhile since Israel allegedly got nuclear weapons they made a peace treaty with Egypt and returned land back from that war. A similar treaty was signed with Jordan as well.…/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000271219.pdf

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Jim Condit Jr. Jonathan — I guess we’re supposed to believe that the Soviet Union under Communism was somehow antagonistic towards Israel — both run by the Jewish Shadow Government. When the invasion of Palestine began in May of 1948, Truman and the US recognized Israel 15 minutes after the invasion began — and Stalin for Russia recognized Israel 8 hours after the invasion began. Now THAT’s power!. Or maybe you think both Truman and Stalin recognized the new rogue state because they were grateful for bagels and cream cheese that some Rabbis just brought them! This is the kind of ridiculous argumentation one gets when one has broken through the Organized Jewish Network’s media brainwashing, and actually confront the defenders of fake history with real facts.

Michael Collins Piper’s book, “Final Judgement” shows that the Mossad killed JFK for several reasons. That’s why Jack Rubinstein (Ruby) was allowed to walk up to the pastsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and shoot him at point blank range with dozens of policemen within feet of Ruby — that way no trial. JFK, the president, had no sway? with his brother as Attorney General of the USA? I guess that’s why “they” shot them both in the head. Johnson was a Jewish Shill, or some way a part-Jew himself. You can’t find anything about LBJ’s or Lady Bird Johnson’s ancestry. Take a good look at Lady Bird’s face.

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Claudio Marty “The only way to liberate ourselves and our nations from this
madness is to expose the true source of terrorism.” – Christopher


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Jim Condit Jr. Jonathan —

Finally understand the truth and fiction about the Hollywood version of the Holocaust by going to and watch the video (2:22) and/or the audio with Christopher Jon Bjerknes (3:08) in the hidden history section, Nazi-Zionist section. This radio show is banned in 11 countries — sounds like the Hollywood Holocaust people are really confident of their position!!! –

It really was a Holocaust because the Top Jewish Banksters deliberately sacrificed many of the everyday Jews to get as many Jews down to Palestine for the takeover of Palestine in 1948, and a Holocaust is properly speaking sacrificing something of your own. Hitler’s main job was to round up the Jews of Europe to get them down to Palestine, or put them in camps where they could be stampeded down to Palestine after the war, or die of starvation and disease in the waning days of WW II as allies bombed all the railways to the camps, but did NOT bomb IG Farben which had provided Hitler with a lot of his fuel, with the approval of Wall Street and the organized Jewish Lobby in the US. (See Perfidy by Hollywood Screen Writer Ben Hecht, 1961)

There were no homicidal gas chambers — or maybe you would care to explain to us what the ADL and AIPAC has been unable to explain since 1974 when challenged by Professor Faurissan of France: How did these gas chambers work? How did the young German soldiers remove the gassed bodies out of the gas chambers without getting poisoned themselves? David Cole has not changed his position, and is still ridiculing the Hollywood version of the Holocaust on internet radio shows. Cole is aware that Zyklon B was used to disinfect clothes to try and save lives, not to kill people. So keep saying ridiculous stuff like that and I’m going to doubt your sincerity.

A bigger kill-fest was after the war when Eisenhower killed millions German soldiers and civilians by starvation and exposure. See James Bacque’s “Other Losses” and “Crimes and Mercies”.

The same “Jewish” Khazar Banksters who arranged for funding the Nazis so they could round up the everyday Jews of Europe, who also funded Communism with its tens of millions of Russian and Ukranian victims — are now in control in the USA controlling the Big Media, the FED, the Election Machines, the White House and the Congress.

Jewish people at the street level like you have a choice to make: are you still going to continue to cover up for the top Jewish banksters who are the greatest, most cut-throat people in all of human history — or are you going to get educated and move to the side advocating truth and justice, the precursors of real peace and opportunity for all..



Target Freedom USA™ – Precinct Takeover • Honest Elections • Current Events •…

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Jonathan Koplitz Again tell that to my family and friends that survived the Holocaust. Survivors from the very places you claim don’t exist. People like you who fabricate myths to cover up for the Nazi atrocities only aid in global anti Semitism. The Holocaust happened. Even David Cole admits it. I thought my tin foil hat was on tight, but you folks take it to an entirely whole new level.

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Nicky Nelson That has got to be one of the most disingenuous responses ever. I guess we know which side you choose. Shameful and willful ignorance Jonathan will be your path. Disgusting.

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