Help Us Air this Censorship-Busting Radio Ad on Big Talk AM Radio Stations before Election Day

This is probably the hardest hitting radio ad that has ever aired on Radio.

The Text is below the two videos.

The first video is “Help Us Air This Radio Ad on Rush and Hannity – 2 minute version”

The Second video is “Help Us Air This Radio Ad over Rush and Hannity – Full Version” (about 19 minutes)

Text of Radio Ad, – Begin Text:
Trump publicly identified International Bankers as the destroyers of America, and the power behind Hillary Clinton.

——-The international Bankers around Goldman-Sachs and the FED ARE the organized Worldwide, Christ-hating, America-hating Jewish Shadow Government behind Communism and the New World Order.

—— These Jewish Bankers rig key elections through their control of all five big TV networks, which are issuing the false polls,

—– and their control of the three Big Mega-Election Vendors, — ES &S, Hart, and Dominion — which process 90%+ of our USA vote on SECRET COMPUTER PROGRAMS, with the shameful permission of all 50 Secretaries of State.

—— In a fair count Trump wins by a landslide in all 50 states.

—— If they dare to announce Hillary the “winner”, it will be blatant computer-fraud.

——- We will then not have a legitimate government.

—– See – and see you this Sunday at 2 PM on 55KRC – paid for by Dr. Kuimars Kiani for Congress 2016.

End of Text of Radio Ad


We need about $7900 in the next few days ahead. 700 people donating $10, or 70 people donating $100, or 7 people donating $1000, or 4 people donating $2500 (the max donation per person) would reach the goal necessary to reach millions of people with the above radio ad.

To help us get this Radio Ad on Big Talk Radio Stations in the heart of the USA (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana), please spread this post to your contacts, and donate at:

or at:


We have spent thousand of hours fighting to get to this point — including securing our place on the radio through the Reasonable Access Law. Now help us make the most of it.

I (Jim Condit Jr.) was disqualified from running for Congress in the November election because of a technicality in the law (Ohio Law says you can’t run in one congressional district in the primary, and then in another congressional district for the November election.)

So Dr. Kiumars Kiani (Dr. Q) is a congressional candidate in the 1st District of Ohio, and was fully on board with running the above censorship-busting ad. Again, it took us weeks to get the FCC and iHeart radio (WLW – 700 AM and WKRC – 550 AM) to accept Dr. Q’s candidacy — even through he was a legally certified candidate by the Hamilton County Board of Elections (Cincinnati, Ohio). (!!!)


Dr. Q has quite a remarkable history which can be found at the the menu tab “About Dr. Kiumars Kiani” at

So, again, please help us wake up millions of Americans over major Talk Radio stations as to how our elections have been usurped, and how the Election Night Gatekeepers plan to computer-rig the 2016 Presidential Election against Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

You can get the full story about the usurping of our “Elections” at: — and at —

But to donate to air this censorship busting Radio Ad over major AM radio stations, go to: — or to —


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