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My Encounter with Trump | Computer Election Fraud Radio Show 4 29 18

In this radio show I recount my face to face encounter with Trump In Iowa in Feb 2016 about the dangers of computer election fraud, as well as cover the four factors why I believe the Shadow Gov let his victory stand — and an overview of the Election Night Gatekeepers computer votefraud crime syndicate. Please CLICK HERE for the

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Secret of Oz – Episode 2 Video – Aug 24, 2018 Real News Real Action

New RNRA VIDEO: This episode #2 of Real News Real Action Newscast (video) is produced for anyone who isn’t sure there is a deep state/shadow government – or for anyone who isn’t sure how so few people can have so much power over humanity — or who wants to be able to help others understand. — (The FEATURED PICTURE for

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Real News Real Action LAUNCH Episode 1 Aug 15 2018

Real News Real Action LAUNCH Episode 1 Aug 15 2018 Websites and Documentation: Home base: RealNewsRealAction.com Patreon.com/RealNewsRealAction (monthly crowdfunding) YouTube.com/JimConditJr Email: Jim@RealNewsRealAction.com Deep State: “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still (90 Min Youtube) Deep State: “1971 Lecture by Gary Allen” (63 Min Youtube) Deep State: “The High Priests of War” by Michael Collins Piper (book); “High Priests of War

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