Real News Real Action LAUNCH Episode 1 Aug 15 2018

Real News Real Action LAUNCH Episode 1 Aug 15 2018

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Deep State: “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still (90 Min Youtube)

Deep State: “1971 Lecture by Gary Allen” (63 Min Youtube)

Deep State: “The High Priests of War” by Michael Collins Piper (book); “High Priests of War Mike Piper” (1:11 min Youtube)

Deep State: 9-11 Mysteries by Sofia (90 min YouTube)

Deep State: Behind the Smoke Curtain by Barbara Honegger, especially first 30 min and last 30 min. (3 hours YouTube.) Computer Votescam Syndicate:;; – Pinned article on home page, and 5 actions some president must take at menu tab “New Open Letter 2018”.

Hard to find truths behind World War II: two free videos at – (Banned from YouTube in 11 countries in Europe and the Mideast by a European Union Judge, even though anti-Hitler) – How Money Must be issued scientifically in this Age of Plenty; an explanation of the Dividend. – Rothschild Shadow Government Takeover of the Vatican at the hi-jacked conclave of 1958 – mobilizing the Precinct Project “The Strangest Political Secret” Precinct Project (10 min YouTube) “There is a Plan”, the Precinct Project (6 minutes YouTube and at * * * * *

My world view: The writings of Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954):……

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