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What Was Hitler’s Mindset Regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection?

What Was Hitler’s Mindset Regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection? by Jim Condit Jr. This is the first in what will be a series of posts on Target Freedom USA regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection — focusing on objections that are made to the thesis. Those reacting negatively against the Nazi-Zionist connection article are assuming three things that do not apply to this

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In Our Hands – an Oldie but Goodie from Joe Sobran

The following is an article from the June 13, 1996 edition of The Wanderer that cries for wide distribution, more relevant today than when it was written. Pat Buchanan called the late Joseph Sobran, 1946-2010,  “perhaps the finest columnist of our generation.” Oh! You never heard of Joseph Sobran?  Sobran was part of the national magazine, National Review, for decades before being fired by

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Votescam: How the Ruling Elite is Stealing America

This was prepared for the Guardians for Liberty in 2012. The basic arguments, the basic laws, the basic problems – have not changed in 30+ years.   Open Letter to All Concerned Citizens of the United States of America: We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, endorse the necessity of returning to computer-free, machine free elections where paper ballots are clearly

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Facing the 9-11 False Flag

Cognitive Dissonance and 9-11 – About the Below Video:   The speeches “9-11: Pulling back the News Curtain”, Parts 1 and 2, were given to help normal American citizens overcome what is explained in the below video, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in relation to 9-11. Listen for free to “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II”     We, on this website,

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