What Was Hitler’s Mindset Regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection?

What Was Hitler’s Mindset Regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection? by Jim Condit Jr.

Adolf Hitler SpeechThis is the first in what will be a series of posts on Target Freedom USA regarding the Nazi-Zionist Connection — focusing on objections that are made to the thesis.

Those reacting negatively against the Nazi-Zionist connection article are assuming three things that do not apply to this debate.

-1.  They are looking at Hitler’s speeches / table talk / etc. and taking the parts of those speeches which sometimes incisively and eloquently express truth, such as his criticism of the Jewish power structure in his day, and failing to contrast Hitler’s complete body of actions against those parts of Hitler’s speeches. As Nixon told some of his critics circa 1968, after he was elected President, “Watch what we do, not what we say.” I took Nixon to mean that he said what he would like to have happen, but he did what political circumstances and pressures dictated was possible.” This applies to Hitler, perhaps. But Hitler also seems to have the characteristic of some half-Jewish people I’ve met in my life (and particularly one half Jewish person I know) – when they speak up for your side they are the MOST ELOQUENT person in the room or the arena – but they can easily slip into other frames of mind, or even the opposite frame of mind, a few weeks or a year later. Is it proven that Hitler was part Jewish? No – because Hitler and the entire establishment on all sides have put up a wall of stonewalling and secrecy around Hitler’s lineage – and that goes for Hitler, too. (Hitler tried to hide his lineage, just like Clinton’s secretary of state Madelyn Albright did in the 1990s – do you do that?) Establishment historians, especially establishment Jewish historians, skip nervously over the subject of Hitler’s grandfather, when they are forced to address it. HOWEVER, the preponderance of the evidence indicates that Hitler was part Jewish, and perhaps part Rothschild, because his grandmother was working in the Rothschild mansion in Vienna, Austria when she was impregnated. This from the official Austrian government report under Dollfuss circa 1934, confirmed by one time Hitler body guard Koehler, and one time Hitler banker, Thyssen. Rabbi Marvin Antelman offers testimony in volume 2 of his book, “To eliminate the Opiate” – that Klara Pohlzl, Hitler’s mother, was at least part Jewish. While those items have come to light since my video was released in 2003, much more on this is covered in the Video, “The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler” located at the top of the Nazi-Zionist page, in the Hidden History section of TargetFreedomUSA.com –


-2. They seem to think that I am unaware of, or denying, the meteoric rise of Germany’s economy between 1933 to 1939 under Hitler. This was probably the most dramatic rise of a national economy in human history. The industriousness of the German people together with Hitler issuing money properly along the scientific lines of the Social Credit system (Social Credit system, not a socialist system) made this rise possible. I am fully aware of this, accept it completely, but this reality in no way refutes the idea that Nazism, when all is said and done, was another Zionist operation, and arguably the most clever and effective one of all time. Germany was humiliated deliberately after WW I at Versailles. Then Hitler arose at the champion of Germany to redress all the grievances. The German people were — after that — willing to follow Hitler anywhere; and they followed him into, so far, 69 years of national slavery (in many respects) enforced by the top Jews running the USA since 1945. A few years ago, Germany was forced to donate a nuclear submarine to “Israel”.

Battle of Dunkirk Hiter People in Germany can be, and have been, and are – put in jail for questioning any of the many wild and sometimes absurd claims of the Hollywood version of the Holocaust. A few have called Hitler “Rothschild bait” for the German people. I think this is essentially accurate, even though I think the evidence shows that Hitler was not happy about this at all times, and tried to alter the course of history planned by the top Bankster. However, his attempts at times to alter the Rothschild game plan, ultimately failed.

However, in the matter of letting the British go at Dunkirk (a first in the history of warfare), and in the case of ensuring the death of the key German regiments once they were in trouble in Russia in, I believe, Operation Barbarossa – it looks like the top Nazi command at both times were selling out to the Rothschild agenda.

-3. Many seem to think that I am trying to diagnose Hitler’s mindset at any given period, or even claim to be able to read Hitler’s mind. This is not the case. For instance, Pat Buchanan’s recent book, “The Unnecessary War”, demonstrates that Hitler was doing everything he could to stop World War II right as it was about to begin. At the same time, the Jewish-Lobby controlled press (many of the largest mainstream outlets) in the West were decrying “The Phony War” – because they wanted to see the bloodshed of Christian white men killing Christian white men get under way in earnest. The late, great Dr. Paul Reznowski, the researcher who provided me with most of the research in the top two videos on our Nazi-Zionist connection page – told me that (paraphrase), “If you see how hard Hitler was trying to stop World War II right before it started, then you will see why people like Hitler.”

hitlers-mindsetHere is the progression of Hitler’s mindset, as far as I can tell:

– 1919 – an ambitious, part Jewish man looking for his place in the world, believed that Russia was going to roll west to the Atlantic ocean, and conquer all of Europe in 1919. In fact, the Polish people miraculously stopped the Russian army at the Vistula River, ruining Communist chances to take over Europe in that generation (to borrow what was said in the 1989 Encyclopedia Britannica). When that happened, the Communist governments in Munich, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary, and several other cities collapsed. – The Communists had taken over these isolated cities in anticipation of handing them over to Lenin’s Communist troops’ in their anticipated march across Europe to the Atlantic right after World War I. The Jews running Communism in Russia felt they might be able to overrun all of Europe right then, as Europe was exhausted by World War I.

Problem for Hitler apologists: Hitler was working for the Communists for six months in Munich, acting as the go between from the top Communist-Jews then running Munich – to the soldiers in the barracks. The testimony of Otto Strasser to Douglas Reed in 1953 trumps all recent attempts to explain this period in Hitler’s life away. One person debating me on YouTube said, “Hitler needed a rest.” How about resting without working hand in glove with a Communist government? There is no explanation too absurd when blind Hitler-bots are trying to explain away the Nazi-Zionist connection.

– early 1920s – Hitler saw his future in NATIONAL Socialism instead of INTERNATIONAL Socialism, and became one of the leaders vying for control of the NAZI party. (By the way, Jewish strategist Moses Hess outlined and envisioned International Socialism (eventually called Communism), National Socialism (eventually called Nazism) and Zionism circa 1825-1850 – and he said all would be used to conquer Christian and European society, on the way to Jewish world control.

– 1929 – Hitler made a deal with the top Rothschild related banksters, and accepted the equivalent of $100 million dollars in today’s money, thus getting himself in an arrangement to get into power and then to help get as many everyday Jews as possible down to Palestine for the eventual planned takeover of that territory. In the beginning it was incentives, in the middle and end it was roundups. How do the Hitler apologists explain that IBM, based in New York City, landed in Berlin during March, 1933, Hitler’s first month in power, to start cataloging the everyday Jews in Germanic territories on IBM punch cards? Were the average Germans demanding this? OF COURSE, NOT! It was the Rothschild Banksters who could pay (a willing) IBM to help carry out the master plan to found Israel where Palestine then was. By the way, the Jews-in-the-know, who new the overall game plan, NEVER CRITICIZED IBM for helping Hitler, as far as I know, even when Hitler was giving Thomas Watson, President of IBM, public awards for his help to the NAZI government. Also, in that same month of March, 1933 – Roosevelt closed US borders to Jews emigrating from Europe. Get it? Get it? The International Banksters and their four front men – were working out a plan far above and away from the view of the everyday citizens across the world.

— 1933-1939 – Hitler figured out, or was taught, or a combination of the two, how to issue money properly, against goods and services available, and goods and services available in the near future. The combination led to Germany’s phoenix-like rise economically and militarily. In this period – Hitler, going from 43 to 49 years of age, felt that he could run the future of the world better than the Rothschilds, and did not want to be ushered off the world stage.

Hitler inspecting his troops

Hitler inspecting his troops

After he made his famous pact with Stalin (huh? – you should be saying), Hitler invaded Poland from the west, while Stalin invaded Poland from the east – virtually simultaneously. When Hitler saw that the western press only attacked him, but didn’t mention or attack Stalin for doing the same thing, — Hitler knew he was the odd-man out of the four Rothschild front men (Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt), and he began to try and divert and postpone World War II in many ways. It was especially at this time that Hitler was trying to divert the Rothschild program into a peaceful and more sane direction, as the Jewish Banker Walter Rathenua tried to do after World War I – and he was murdered for his trouble on the way to work in his limousine in 1922 in Germany.

— 1940 – at this time Hitler tries to show the (Jewish-dominated) Clivedon Group in England and the Rothschilds that he can “play ball”, by letting the British go at Dunkirk, instead of capturing them and ending the war with England on the spot (which was not part of the script, you understand). The excuses given for Hitler throwing the German victory at Dunkirk are beyond ridiculous. For one thing, you would have to think he had forgotten his own speeches about how the Rothschilds and the organized Jewish forces controlled England – since he decided to give them their military back! – Why didn’t Hitler complete the capture of the British military at Dunkirk, and then help patriotic English leaders take back the government from Churchill and the Rothschilds, and THEN let the captured English military men go back to England?????

— 1941 to 1945 – Whatever Hitler was thinking, he seemed to sell out at key points, such as the disastrous policy adopted once so many German soldiers were isolated in Russia.

There is now no question that Hitler escaped the bunker, and did not die there. We now have the memo found in the Truman Library by author Jerome Corsi,–  which contained Stalin’s plea to Truman to help find where Hitler was, as Stalin did not know. The memo was dated 1946. This refutes the doctored archives released by the Soviets at the “fall of Communism” circa 1991, which represented that Hitler shot himself in the bunker, with the release of long-shot pictures to prove it. This is in Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence that Hitler escaped Germany.”

Can you imagine Stalin having proof of Hitler’s death, and maybe Hitler’s body – and failing to tout this Soviet victory to the world right away? Preposterous.

Please watch the admittedly lengthy videos at the top of the Nazi-Zionist page in the Hidden History section at TargetFreedomUsa.com – without this background information and analysis, you will have to leave whole chunks of World War II lying on the side of the road, unable to make sense of them. Also, see Lenni Brenner’s “51 Documents” of Nazi-Zionist cooperation, and Ben Hecht’s 1961 book, “Perfidy.”

In summary, Hitler’s speeches that spoke truths, the economic recovery “and beyond” engineered by Hitler in Germany from 1933 to 1939, and Hitler’s last minute attempts to stop the beginning of WW II – do not refute nor negate the information regarding the Nazi-Zionist connection. There were deep connections, financial and otherwise, far from the view of everyday people everywhere. I take my hat off to the late Dr. Paul Reznowski for spending decades of his life, as he had time between his full time career as an M.D. and anesthesiologist, piecing together this hidden side of World War II.

What seems to be lost on the Hitler apologists is that once you recognize that the top Jewish Banksters funded the NAZIS and demanded the round up of the everyday Jews into the camps, then all the evidence, true and false, that has been used against the rest of mankind, — is now OUR evidence against the top Jewish Banksters, both then and now. The pretext for the “external guilt trip” which the organized Jewish Shadow Government has tried to impose on mankind – is over. That evidence, both true and false, is now proof of the deceitfulness of the organized Jewish Shadow Government, and an indicator of how such trickery must be exposed and refuted. You may be playing a game of checkers, but I assure you that the top Banksters who mightily helped Hitler to power – are playing a long term game of chess.

We must explicitly state that the Jewish-Bankster engineered “Holocaust” against its own everyday Jewish people during WW II  – must not cow us from opposing and dismantling the present tyranny that the top Jews today are trying to impose upon America and the world. With that said, there were no gas chambers; the idea that Hitler was trying to kill every Jew in the world, or even every Jew in his inner circle, such as his cook, lawyer and doctor, — is beyond preposterous. (The Jews and others who perished and were seen in the pictures as the allies liberated the concentration camps – primarily consisting of people who had died or were dying of starvation and disease at the end of the war in the concentration camps as the Allies bombed the railroad tracks which went to the camps.)

Next post will have specific comments on attempts to refute the Nazi-Zionist Connection thesis, which have appeared on Facebook in the last few days.

Jim Condit Jr.


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    Operation Barbarossa was a near impossibility from the outset, in spite of Germany’s early successes. Hitler never had a large enough force to take Russia. Contrary to his courageous public profile, Hitlers dcotors had prescribed large doses of opiates and amphetamines to treat his severe anxiety. He became an addict even before invading Russia. Germany could have bought time with “Case Blue,” the effort to advance beyond Stalingrad, and to sieze the Caucasian oilfields. This might have succeeded, and would have caused hardships for the Red Army, but it was not a winning prospect. Germany did not have the means to arm and supply armies at such great distances in a long war. Hitler botched “Case Blue” by re-routing armies into each others paths, whereby the armor of his 6th Army got misdirected, leading to the catastrophe at Stalingrad.

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