Facing the 9-11 False Flag

Cognitive Dissonance and 9-11 – About the Below Video:


The speeches “9-11: Pulling back the News Curtain”, Parts 1 and 2, were given to help normal American citizens overcome what is explained in the below video, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in relation to 9-11.

Listen for free to “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain – Parts I & II”


MP3 9-11  Pulling Back the News Curtain – Part I


MP3 9-11  Pulling Back the News Curtain – Part II

We, on this website, are not against the United States of America, but are against the criminal element that has grasped control over so many levers of power within the United States, including big media, the issue of money via the privately-owned Federal Reserve Board, the US Congress, the White House, the military, and so forth. 

The terror attacks of 9-11 were not done by normal Americans to other normal Americans. But they were done by a worldwide, organized Jewish Shadow Government, which is coming more and more out into the open. 

This Shadow Government, which perpetrated 9-11 to inaugurate 50 years of wars in the Middle East, and an encroaching police state in the USA, is powered by Talmudic Jews, many of whom have American citizenship, (and, as a rule, these Talmudic Jews running our media and federal government also have Israeli citizenship).



The Talmud is the so-called “holy book” of modern day Judaism, which was not the religion of the Hebrews of the Old Testament. In fact, about 90% of modern day “Jews” are not Hebrews, but Khazars (from the central Russia of today) who converted to this new, diabolical Talmudic Judaism in the 8th century or so. The Talmud says that non-Jews are not fully human, and that only Jews are fully human. The Talmud says that it is permissible to kill non-Jews and steal from non-Jews if one can get away with it.

The modern day Mossad (Israel’s CIA) is an expression of the Talmud in action. The motto of the Mossad is, “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.” The terror attacks of 9-11 constituted the greatest FALSE FLAG in history, done by Talmudic Israeli Agents within the United States government, and blamed on the Moslems by Talmudic Jews running ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and Clear Channel radio (now iHeart Radio).

As explained in the video immediately below, normal Americans refuse to face the facts of the terror attacks of 9-11 because they don’t want to believe that the United States of America, their country, is the “bad guy.” And the United States of America is not the bad guy, but we have become indistinguishable from the bad guy because we have let the organized, Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government to take over the top of our country. That’s why the first 20 minutes of the above speech, “9-11: Pulling Back the News Curtain”, is devoted to understanding the Talmudic mentality.

Once the normal American understands the existence and the nature of that mentality, then he or she can join with awakened American in beginning to throw this satanic force off of our country.

Israel did 911

You can find more on this critical subject in “Hidden History” and “Critical Analysis” on this website. Look for the videos, “The Other Israel” by Rev. Ted Pike (circa 1985), and the books “Judaism Discovered” by Michael A. Hoffman II (circa 2008), “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling (free online, circa 1964), “The Talmud Unmasked” by Fr. Pranaitis (circa 1905), “The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World” by Fr. Denis Fahey (circa 1935), and “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: the weight of 3000 years”, by the Jewish Scholar Israel Shahak (circa 1994); the now deceased Israel Shahak had to go outside of Israel to get this book printed. with this in mind, watch the YouTube video below, “Psychologists Explain 9-11 Denial.” – Jim Condit Jr.   


COGNITIVE DISSONANCE explains the widespread inability to look at facts.


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