WOMEN OF EARTH – Is it Just A Little Heart Attack?

WOMEN OF EARTH – Is it Just A Little Heart Attack?

by Kathy Mary –


I really like the Elizabeth Banks’ video below and I encourage every woman watch it. While it is quite comical, not recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack are no laughing matter.

Here is my skinny on the subject. I did everything wrong and still survived my first heart attack and this is what I have learned:

Step 1: Realize that you are experiencing a problem.

Step 2: Convince the medical community that you are having a heart attack.

  • This includes paramedics; family doctors, and/or E.R. staff, starting with admitting. Say this – “I am having chest pains and believe that I’m having a heart attack.”
  • Do not go through a list of symptoms; say just what I told you to say, period! Don’t let anyone talk you out of your heart attack.
  • Taking an ambulance will take you in the back door of the hospital where the doctors are.
  • It is not the worst heart burn or indigestion you have ever had. Chewing a roll of Tums is not normal.
  • The feeling that an elephant is sitting on your chest causing breathing difficulties is not because you’re tired or stressed out.
  • Sweating and feeling hot is not always a flash.
  • Numbness, tingling, and/or tightness in your fingers, arms and/or jaw, weak legs are not to be ignored.
  • Any continued pain above your waist, front, back and/or sides needs attention fast.
  • Don’t drive and don’t have someone else drive you.
  • DO chew an aspirin and cough a few times really hard.
  • CALL 911 immediately.

You don’t need to be experiencing every symptom to realize you’re in trouble. CALL 911 immediately and error on the safe side – Be a survivor!






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