Trump is Dooming His Own Campaign by Accepting Secret Computer Counts

Update 4-05-16:  Donald Trump’s failure to follow the advice of this website and object to the easily-rigged, secret computer counts – has as of now doomed the Trump presidential bid to computer-generated “defeat”. (See video below)

Trump was 10 points ahead in Wisconsin ten days ago, but now has “lost” 50% to 30% according to the published computer “results.”

Same pattern as Ohio.

Right away FOX, CNN, and MSNBC announced that the Trump campaign is dead. And they are right – as long as Trump himself remains silent on this computer-votefraud issue and continues to allow his candidacy to be killed by grotesque computer election theft.

Going forward, Big Media attacks will keep up non-stop to prepare the public for Trump “defeats” in New York, Pennsylvania, and California.

Trump’s only hope remains to object to the illegal, secret computer counts and demand an open count of paper ballots. (See “Election Nite Gatekeepers” menu tab at

Unfortunately, at this point such a stance will be attacked as “sour grapes”, which would NOT have been the case had Trump taken such a stance before New Hampshire, as recommended by this website.

Still, it is never too late for any candidate to demand an open count of paper ballots for his supporters, himself, and all the citizens of the USA. In fact, it is EVERY candidate’s responsibility to do so.

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