Rand! You Named the Wrong Enemy!

Rand! You Named the Wrong Enemy!

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Today, April 7, 2015 — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

After making many excellent comments on restoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights within the USA, and beating back the encroaching Big Brother / Police State — Senator Rand Paul made this misstep:

Paul said (paraphrase): “How can we win the war if we don’t even name the enemy. And the enemy is . . . Radical Islam.”

Wrong answer, Senator Paul!

First of all, I can’t turn on the TV without somebody railing against “radical Islam”, so plenty of people are naming this enemy, and it is perfectly safe to name this enemy in the United States of America. 

It is not safe to name our nation’s main and chief and real enemy. The greatest enemy BY FAR that our nation has ever faced.

And, yes, there are major historical conflicts between Christianity and Islam. However, —

Since about 1571, the date of the Battle of Lepanto, there had pretty much been a cease-fire between Islam and Christianity – until the UN, the US, and the USSR helped the so-called Zionists steal land from the Palestinians amidst lying and mass murder in mid 1948.

The correct answer as to naming the main enemy of the United States of America in 2015 is: radical Talmudic Judaism.


Most Americans have never even heard of the Talmud, and certainly have never heard about what’s in it.

The Koran? The Koran is excoriated hundreds of times a day on the major media. So it is hardly accurate to suggest that it is a rare thing for American leaders


The Talmud is the alleged holy book of post-Christ Judaism. It evolved after the dawn of Christianity as an attempt to reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah and hold on to some kind of a “Jewish faith”. We’ll get to what’s in the Talmud in a minute.

It is the worldwide, organized Talmudic Jewish Shadow Government that is the main enemy of the USA, far and away. This shadow government gets its earthly power from control of the money-issuing entities such as the Federal Reserve Board (FED), Goldman-Sachs, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc. (If we’re supposed to “follow the money” at the local level, how about “following the money” at the top of the world?)

It is this organized Talmudic Jewish Shadow government (not all Jews, obviously, in fact, only a tiny fraction of Jews are involved in decision making apparatus of the Ruling Elite, obviously) that:

a) is oppressing Palestinians daily and trying to expand the territory of the “nation of Israel” to many times its size of today (see targetfreedomusa.com files);

b) owns all 5 Big TV networks in the USA, as well as Clear Channel/iHeart Radio and its 600 major talk stations, pumping out relentless lying propaganda hour by hour into almost every living room and every car radio; this has been exactly documented with recent major media news articles by Brother Nathanael Kapner here: https://targetfreedomusa.com/1068-2/

c) perpetrated the spectacular 9-11 terror attacks in 2001, using that “False Flag” event to manipulate the US Congress into supporting the utilization of the US military for the launching of endless war in the Mideast to conduct Israel’s expansionist policy, as well as to initiate an encroaching police state here in the USA;

d) controls the easily rigged computerized “elections” in 99% of the counties in the United States through which this Ruling Elite is stealing the nation and the world, when the propaganda of their Big TV Networks and other big media fail to get the electoral results they want;

e) drums up 99% of these “lone wolf” terror incidents and “close calls”, by manipulating and preying on the mentally weak and mentally ill; these trumped up incidents are then given saturation publicity for a day or two via the Talmudic-Jewish-controlled Big TV Networks and talk radio shows, and then dropped; the idea is to keep the American public on edge regarding the “ever present” danger of “terror”, so that Michael Chertoff and fellow Talmudic Jewish operatives can keep weaving the oppressive threads of the Homeland Security Police State around us Americans;

f) has orchestrated the funding and arming of “ISIS” which popped up overnight and was greeted immediately as a worldwide “threat”; a few sociopathic radical Islamists are found, funded, and then given worldwide publicity for the atrocities they do commit; possibly Israel’s Mossad agents commit some of these atrocities with masks on, and then the worldwide Talmudic-Jewish-Controlled Big Media blames these atrocities on “radical Islamists.”

g) controls “our” money via the FED, Goldman-Sachs, and the IMF, looting our nation and sinking us in unnecessary, usurious debt, which can easily be reversed if we organize around networkamerica.org to take back the nation. and replace the FED with an honest money-issuing entity.

h) believe in their so-called holy book, “The Talmud”, which says that all non-Jews are not fully human (goyim, or human cattle); that it is OK to exploit, cheat and kill the goyim if you can get away with it; that it is a goal to kill the best of the goyim; that Jesus dies five deaths in hell each day, one in boiling excrement, and it gets worse from there; that Mary was a prostitute named Miriam who consorted with a Roman Soldier named Pandira, etc. etc. etc. Nothing in the Koran, which the Talmudic-Jewish controlled media trashes daily, can even compare with these vile passages in the Talmud. (This information is so unbelievable at first sight, please confirm by seeing “The Talmud Unmasked” by Fr. Prainitis, circa 1905; “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling, circa 1964, free online; “The Other Israel” video and “Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma” by Rev. Ted Pike, circa 1985; “Judaism Discovered” and other books and articles by Michael A. Hoffman II, at RevisionistHistory.org – circa 1985 to present; “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years” by Jewish author Israel Shahak, circa 2005.)

So, Senator Paul, and everybody else, — if we’re going to talk about naming the primary enemy of the United States and mankind in the worldwide struggle going on today – let’s get it right: radical Talmudic Judaism and its organized worldwide Shadow Government.

This is a gigantic subject, and much more could be said, and will be said.

For truly effective action, as well as to make the path ahead more friendly to Presidential candidates, like Senator Rand Paul, who are trying to fight for true Liberty here in the USA – consult our conference call schedule as listed at the Conference Call link at the top of NetworkAmerica.org, look at the Guardians for Liberty principles around which Network America is organized at the “Liberty Principles” link at the top of NetworkAmerica.org, or at GuardiansForLiberty.com, and sign up to work with eventually tens of thousands of like-minded, liberty-minded Americans at NetworkAmerica.org. Be sure to see the 6 minute whiteboard animation video on the home page at NetworkAmerica.org —  Thank you.


– Jim Condit Jr.




  • Excellent Article Jim. Mind if I post it to the gatekeepers timeline?

  • Naseer

    Excellent Article !.

    • Naseer

      I would also say that :

      1- Religion is often the TOOL of the kings and rulers.

      Basically the religion or doctrines of religion are used to provide LEGITIMACY cover to the otherwise unacceptable behavior / motives. It was the case in the past, and is also the case in the present.

      But if we really look at the past century, there has been hardly to no expansionism exhibited by the so called Radical Islam. Radical Islam comes into play when you pinch them hard. It would be unfair to look at the reaction without taking the **Triggering** into account, to put the blame squarely on Radical Islam.

      A normal street Muslim / Islamist, is just too busy with his day to day bread earning and business, to pay any attention or dedication to a motive that doesn’t really serves him. Its the pinch compounded with the strongly felt economic slavery that is imposed on them, that provides the trigger for all such reactions. Remove the trigger, and the Radical Clerics here would be begging in the streets here, as no one would be joining their camps to serve their agendas.

  • peter grigore

    “1- Religion is often the TOOL of the kings and rulers” naseer says. maybe false religions, coming from satan, do that. this country -and also the whole world- is the way it is today because God is no longer present in people’s lives and in their governing laws. we cannot fight babylon with babylon: revolutions, military regimes, free elections and assassinations always bring us back to the rule of man. more elections like these, where the candidates have to satisfy everybody, republicans, democrats, christians, muslims and people like naseer, gays and straight people alike, etc. at the same time. since you cannot please everybody, a totalitarian regime, like communism, will be born, with marshal law kind of restrictions for everybody, except the elite.
    i put no faith in man; only Jesus can and will get us out of this mess. MARANATHA!

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