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January 08, 2016 NA (Network America) e-wire

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The information in is earthshaking.

It is really addressed to every Presidential candidate and every American citizen. The computer Votescam Syndicate controls national elections in the USA, NOT the people. We the People are window dressing to give credibility to a TOTALLY hi-jacked election system.

Trump is speaking out in unprecedented ways, and the Trump name brings eyeballs, so we addressed the Open Letter to him.

Several attempts have been made to contact The Donald, with no success yet.

Does anyone have a contact who can be a “back door” to Donald Trump? Donald Jr.? Eric Trump? Ivanka? It is VERY HARD to get to nationally known people through the front door.

One word in public from Trump, or from any other Presidential candidate, would finally lift the election Votescam issue to the national level. Things get much worse in NH and South Carolina with the secret computerized count, as the documents.

We have 3 weeks to get onto Iowa AM Talk Radio (WHO – which reaches all of Iowa) and get this votescam issue into the middle of this Presidential Campaign.

In the radio ads we can inform the people of Iowa as to how the Iowa State GOP HQ has warped the Iowa Caucuses in past Caucus years. We can challenge the Presidential candidates to publicly call for their supporters to Watch the Vote on February 1, 2016. AND we can expose the coverup of this Votescam Issue by the 5 Big TV Networks for the last 4 decades.

The IOWA GOP blatantly cheated Pat Buchanan in 1996 (See “A House without Doors” at and ANNOUNCED THE WRONG WINNER for the Iowa Caucus in 2012 (see the two CNN videos linked at – and was forced by Iowa Caucus attendee Edward True and our Watch the Vote Group to CHANGE THE WINNER from Romney to Santorum two weeks later (Ron Paul probably actually won, but that’s another story).

If alerted to this history, Donald Trump may direct his supporters to go to the 1650+ local caucuses in Iowa on February 1, 2016 – and WATCH THE VOTE after voting. We’re also approaching the Rand Paul and Ben Carson campaigns.

The Caucus goers can then send a cell phone picture of the Official Tally Sheet at their local caucus to our website so we can post the results on our public website, and prevent any cheating this time. We are also gearing up to watch the Democratic Iowa Caucus as well.

IF YOU ARE IN IOWA – please contact us immediately at because you can be part of our WatchTheVote team and Watch The Vote at your local neighborhood caucus.

If we can’t get any Presidential candidate to speak out on behalf of themselves and their own supporters, then we need to get on the Radio in Iowa and NH in 7 to 10 days with hard hitting radio ads. To be effective, we need at least $5000, but preferably $15000. Even if we DO get a Presidential candidate to speak out, now is the time to energize the nation with outrage as it dawns on people everywhere that it may be via these easily-rigged, secret computer counts that we got McCain as the GOP nominee in 2008, Romney as the GOP nominee in 2012, and Obummer as the “President” in 2012 November election.

Please go right now to my congressional campaign website and donate here to help us get these critical radio ads before the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 1 and the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9:

5 people donating $1000 each, or 200 people donating $25 each would get us well on our way. This is a tremendous opportunity to expose the Votescam Syndicate that has total control of US national elections via secret computer programs which tell the election computers what to do on election night. Everyone should read —

Do it now, please:

If we cannot discredit the Votescam Syndicate now – prepare for more of the same in the years ahead. My supporters and I are ONE MILLION MILES ahead of all other public figures on this issue. My congressional campaign can truly be the MISSING INGREDIENT in this Presidential year – but only with your help (of if I win the lottery! J — by the way, I never buy a lottery ticket, but maybe one of you who are also alert to the issues we cover — will win one of these big jackpots. Ha! Ha!)

Don’t act powerless. You can play an important part from your computer and telephone.

Alert others, especially those in Iowa. Donate if you can. Now is the moment. I will be raising money and putting radio ads on, and teaching people how to take back the country at for the next 11 months – until the November election.

Everyone into the Battle!

Jim Condit Jr.


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