Former Israeli Security Chief “The country is being led by an ego-maniac leading a bunch of messianic pyromaniacs”

by Nicky Nelson
Former Israeli Security Chief & Mayor of Jerusalem “The country is being led by an ego-maniac leading a bunch of messianic pyromaniacs.”  Shin Bet Head Carmi Gilon spoke out at Peace Now‘s demonstration outside the PM’s residence on Saturday.

Watch Former Israeli Security Chief:

This is the side of Israeli politics seldom seen by the western world and harsh words coming from a man who was once responsible for Israel’s domestic security.

Thousands of citizens were protesting against the Nation State Bill that Netanyahu seems determined to pass, a Bill many believe will lead to the destruction of Israel. Gilon went on to say ” A cancer being implanted inside our democracy, which will consume it until it no longer exists”.

He went on regarding the  Temple mount status quo. “The country is being led by an ego-maniac leading a bunch of messianic pyromaniacs determined to ignite a religious conflagration that will set the entire region alight. These people think they are ushering in an age of messianic redemption, when in fact they are leading us to ruin, to Armageddon.”

One might wonder if Gilon is long for this world after attacking these psychopaths. We appreciate the courage and integrity it took to speak out publicly against the war machine masters.

Protest rally outside PM's residence

Protest rally outside PM’s residence – TV Channel 2

Exerpts from Wikipedia: Carmi Gillon
(born January 1950) is an Israeli politician, and a former Israeli ambassador to Denmark and head of Shabak, the Internal General Security Service of Israel.

Carmi Gillon is currently the mayor of the occupied Jerusalem and vice-president of external relations for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Gillon was born in occupied Jerusalem into a well known family of lawyers who resided in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Rehavia. His grandfather, Gad Frumkin, was the only Jewish judge to serve at the Supreme Court of Palestine under the British Mandate and was also a member of the Hebrew University’s Board of Governors from the 1930s until his death. His father, Colin Gillon, was a state attorney, and his mother Saada Gillon (née Frumkin) served as Deputy Attorney General.

He began his army service in the armored corps and was later transferred to the artillery corps. He was released from the army in 1971.

He graduated from the National Defense College. He has a B.A. in political science from the Hebrew University where he was recruited into the Israeli Security Agency[2] and an M.A. in public policy from the University of Haifa. He is also a graduate of the advanced management program at the Harvard Business School, and completed management training at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.



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