Did you know that Russian Communism wasn’t Russian at all? It was Jewish!

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The Secret Behind Communism by David Duke


Jim Condit Jr. – The Zionist Take-Over of the Catholic Church & mentions the origins of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution


Winston Churchill admits in astounding article that the Jews are behind a Satanic conspiracy to overthrow Christian civilization and conquer the world, and the genesis of the Illuminati, the French Revolution, and communism…


The Controversy of Zion





By Frank L. Britton, 1952

The Rulers of Russia by Fr. Fahey

The Armenian genocide was done by crypto-Jews aka the Young Turks and right now as we speak, we have crypto-Jews taking over Iraq and attempting to take over Syria with their fake states Kurdistan and Western Kurdistan; an expansion of Greater Israel.
We can see before our eyes the genocide that is going on in Palestine as well. If people do not understand who the real enemy is, we have no hope of stopping them.

Kurds – Breakthrough Research on the “Greater Israel” Project – Cracking the Code

“This research indicates that, dating back to 1590, at least the leaders of the Kurds were crypto-Jews, meaning Jews who hide their identity under another identity, in this case generally presenting themselves to the world as “Muslims.”
Incredibly, the current leaders of the Kurds, the Barzani aka Barazani family, were also the leaders in the Kurdish community in Iraq stretching back to 1590, constituting a kind of dynasty of this “people without a country” like the Romanovs in Russia or the Hapsburgs in Europe. In addition, Israel gets 3/4’s of its oil from the Kurds!
One example: “Asenath Barzani, also Asenath Barazani (1590–1670) the daughter of the eminent Rabbi Samuel HaLevi Barzani, was a renowned Kurdish Jewish woman who lived in Mosul, Iraq. Her writings showed her mastery of Hebrew, Torah, Talmud, Midrash, and Kabbalah. She is considered the first female rabbi of Jewish history by some scholars; additionally, she is the oldest recorded female Kurdish leader in history.”
Additionally: Infamous terrorist and founder of the Likud Party of Israel, Menachem Begin, requested in his will that he be buried on Mount Olive in Israel next to terrorist Moshe Barazani, an Iraqi-born Kurdish Jew with the Stern Gang (June 14, 1926 – April 21, 1947).
The Kurds are presented to the world by the Jewish Shadow-Government-controlled major TV Networks in the United States as downtrodden nomads who wander through the desert in search of food while being heavily and unjustly persecuted by the governments of the region, especially the government of Saddam Hussein until it was toppled by the Israeli-orchestrated US invasion of Iraq which launched in 2003.
The truth is far different. The reader will be shocked at how well the Kurds are funded by the hi-jacked US government. This research indicates that the Kurds are now a leading element in the “Greater Israel” project, i.e., the effort to expand modern day Israel’s borders to the Biblical borders described in the Old Testament and mentioned in the Prophecy of Assyria.
In our opinion, the 9-11 False Flag terror attacks in 2001 were designed primarily, as regards foreign policy, to trick the United States into the Mideast to “fight Muslim terrorists” when the primary purpose was to enable the worldwide, organized Jewish Shadow government to direct the US military in toppling one Arab and/or Muslim government after another to eventually make way for the expanded borders of “Greater Israel.” – Jim Condit Jr.
Please take a look at this blockbuster research by Nicky Nelson and spread this post far and wide, even though the article is in unfinished form…”


The same Zionist Jews who covered up the assassination of JFK, and the attacks on the USS Liberty and 9/11 are clearly still in charge. And they are 100% Zionists and Jews. Keep in mind that Zionism is only 100 or so years old, so to blame just Zionism is not accurate.

The Jews who own the media by Brother Nathanael:


DOJ Files Prove President Kennedy & Robert Kennedy fighting Zionists When Murdered

December 10, 2014 Nicky Nelson

Rothschild admitted they had been trying to set up the state of Israel for 3,000 years in a recent interview, the same Rothschild family that was instrumental in setting up the “Federal” Reserve and their criminal collection agency, the IRS and the ADL – all in 1913…
Federal Reserve Graphic

A special thanks to Jim Condit Jr. for many of the critical links, books and information!

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