Big Iowa Radio Station Promotes Watch The Vote – Listen: 4 min audio!

Big Radio Station in Iowa Promotes Watch The Vote – Listen to 4 min audio!

We at Watch The Vote ARE the organization that forced the Iowa State GOP HQ, along with Iowa Caucus attendee, Edward True — to CHANGE THE WINNER of the Iowa Caucus in 2012 after they had announced the WRONG WINNER on Caucus night. (Erin Burnett of CNN was in her first week on Outfront and was so excited to pick up this story. See the two, short CNN news videos here: )

There’s hope that one or more of the Presidential campaigns will direct their supporters to Watch The Vote and submit their cell phone pictures of the Official Tally Sheets at each local caucus — as explained in the above 4 minute audio clip with J. Michael McCoy of WHO News Talk Radio. Take a listen.

While Watch the Vote is ready to accept the cell phone pictures from the 1650 local Iowa caucuses on February 1, we are also ready to help any of the Presidential Campaigns set up their own system as Watch the Vote has already done.

Register as a Volunteer WTVWatch The Vote exists for a Fair Count for everyone — but we’re not blind and we can see who the Old Guard is targeting for electoral obliteration. In 2012, our slogan was, “We want a fair count for Ron Paul, and everybody else. In 2016, our slogan is: “We want a fair count for Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and everybody else.”

We at Watch The Vote have also noted that the Trump Campaign through former Apprentice Star, Tana Goertz, is lining up PRECINCT CHAIRMAN, — as is the Rand Paul Campaign, and perhaps other Presidential campaigns. (Watch the Vote supports the nationwide Precinct Project at where every concerned citizen can sign up and talk to each other about the ESSENTIAL Precinct Strategy.

But for now, we must focus COMPLETELY on the Iowa Caucus.

I’m going to Iowa to run two or three days of saturation Radio Ads to alert Iowans and all the Presidential Campaigns about Votescam and Watch the Vote. We need a minimum of $4000 now to run two or three days of saturation radio advertising on the Big Iowa Talk Station — and we need a few $$ for travel and lodging for a few days. This is a CHANCE to break the Votescam issue — HOW THE RULING ELITE IS STEALING EVERY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION — into national attention RIGHT NOW.

LFR Donate ButtonThere’s hope at this point that one or more of the Presidential Campaigns is going to tell their supporters to Watch the Vote. But — we must break into the PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS in Iowa right now.

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